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McLeod Racing | High performance clutch kits & accessories available at Lethal Performance


Need a clutch? McLeod Racing has the clutch kit & accessories for your project!


McLeod Racing is a one-stop source for all of your performance driveline product needs, whether you need a clutch kit to support 500hp or 1200hp,  a new clutch line, throwout bearings, or an SFI flywheel. While they are most known for their RST and RXT twin disc clutch kits, McLeod Racing offers a large variety of driveline and transmission products for your vehicle, from Mustangs to Camaros and more. 


Not sure which McLeod Racing clutch kit is right for you? We get it. There's a lot of options. Check out the video below where Jared discusses features of each of their popular twin disc setups (including Mustang-specific accessories you will need along with your clutch!).


If you have any questions, please reach out! Our techs are ready to help you get the right McLeod setup for your vehicle!


McLeod Clutch Kits & Accessories

Upgrade your vehicle with McLeod Racing's clutch kits and accessories, available at Lethal Performance. Designed for both street and track, these products provide superior durability and optimum engagement for an unmatched driving experience. Whether you're aiming for smoother shifts or higher horsepower handling, McLeod has you covered. Elevate your ride with our high-quality, precision-engineered solutions and join the ranks of satisfied drivers.

McLeod Clutch

Find McLeod Racing Clutch Kits & Accessories at Lethal Performance

When upgrading your vehicle's drivetrain for enhanced performance and reliability, McLeod Racing clutch kits and accessories are a go-to for enthusiasts worldwide. Known for its innovation and quality, McLeod Racing offers an extensive range of products tailored for high-performance applications.

Whether you need a clutch kit that supports 500hp or 1200hp, a new clutch line, throwout bearings or an SFI flywheel, McLeod Racing is your one-stop source. They're particularly renowned for their RST and RXT twin-disc clutch kits, which are ideal for street and track applications and fit a wide range of vehicles, from Mustangs to Camaros and more.

Lethal Performance is the premier distributor of McLeod clutches, providing expert advice on the best McLeod performance solutions for your vehicle. We want your build to be the best it can be and ensure every McLeod product in our stock meets the needs of performance enthusiasts with precision. Whether upgrading for better drivability or preparing for competitive racing, trust Lethal Performance to deliver the best of McLeod Racing's offerings directly to your garage.

Choosing the Right McLeod Racing Clutch for Your Needs

Not sure which McLeod Racing clutch kit is right for you? We get it – there are a lot of options. Check out this short video for a look at the features of each of their popular twin-disc setups (including Mustang-specific accessories you will need along with your clutch)! Join Jared as he provides insights and tips to ensure you select the perfect McLeod performance setup for your ride.

If you have any questions, please reach out! Our techs are ready to help you get the right McLeod setup for your vehicle!

McLeod Racing Clutches

Boost Your Ride with McLeod Performance Clutch Kits

Thinking about stepping up your ride's game with a McLeod clutch? Good call. Here's what a McLeod Racing clutch kit can do for you and why it's a smart pick.

1. Top-Notch Performance and Toughness

McLeod clutches are all about handling the extra horses you've thrown under the hood. They're built to take on higher horsepower and torque, perfect if you've tuned your ride for better performance. Plus, they're tough – designed to stand up to the punishment of racing or any hard driving you might throw at it.

2. Smooth Shifts, Every Time

Whether it's a single-disc or a twin-disc setup, McLeod's design smarts mean you get a clutch that engages smoothly. That's less strain on your transmission and a buttery feel whether you're stuck in traffic or cruising on the highway.

3. Tailored to Your Ride

The cool part about McLeod Racing is the variety. They've got something for every kind of driver. Whether for a daily driver or weekend track warrior, McLeod has a clutch setup tuned to your specific needs and car specs. It's all about getting the performance you want, tailored just for you.

4. Drive With Confidence

There's a reassurance that comes with knowing your clutch won't bail on you when you decide to push your car a bit. Especially in competitive racing or when you just want to test your limits, having a McLeod performance clutch under the hood means you can go all out, worry-free.

Frequently Asked Questions About McLeod Clutches

Want to learn more about McLeod clutches before you buy? Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How Do I Choose the Right McLeod Clutch for My Vehicle?

The right clutch depends on your vehicle's horsepower, torque and usage. We carry a wide range of McLeod clutches at Lethal Performance, from street-friendly clutches to high-performance twin-disc setups. Consider factors like your driving style, the type of driving you do (street, strip, track) and any performance modifications to your vehicle.

What Is the Difference Between RST and RXT Twin-Disc Clutches?

The RST clutch is designed for smooth engagement and is ideal for street and light track use, handling up to 800 horsepower. The RXT is more robust, suitable for vehicles with higher horsepower up to 1,000 horsepower, and features a more aggressive engagement, making it better suited for track use.

Can I Install a McLeod Clutch on My Own?

While it is possible for individuals with mechanical experience and the right tools, clutch installation can be complex. It is generally recommended to have a professional mechanic or a specialist in performance installations do the work to ensure it is done correctly.

Unlock Your Ride's Potential with McLeod Racing Clutch Kits & Accessories at Lethal

If you're searching for a clutch that matches your vehicle's enhanced power and driving ambitions, look no further than McLeod Racing's clutch kits and accessories at Lethal Performance. We understand the precision needed for high-performance driving and offer McLeod's top-tier clutch solutions to boost your vehicle's efficiency and response.

Not seeing your vehicle or want to explore more performance parts and accessories for your build? Check out our vehicle selector to find the right performance parts for your make and model.

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