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The 2010 Ford SVT Shelby GT500 is one of the most exciting mustangs ever built. The new redesigned body and interior are only small part of what the 2010 GT500 offers. It's new cold air intake and performance tuning from the factory gave the 2010 an additional 40 horsepower. Whats great about the 2010 GT500 is how easy it is to upgrade. Just a simple performance tune with an SCT X3 handheld device will yeild up to 50rwhp. Add an offroad X-pipe and you can gain another 15rwhp. For even more HP you can add a Whipple Supercharger which can turn this 2010 into a monster. Whether it be a 2.9L, 3.4L or the huge 4.0L you can expect at minimum an additional 175-200rwhp. At that level suspension upgrades are a great idea. A set of upper & lower control arms are a great place to start. Add some adjustable shocks & stuts and you'll be able to dial the suspension in even more. For more info on how to build a 2010 GT500 check out the Lethal Performance 2010 GT500 on YOUTUBE