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Corsa Performance | Making Drivers Happy

Corsa Performance's latest main goal is to "Make Drivers Happy" and they've been working on just that since the 1980s. Corsa, in partnership with local aerospace engineers (NASA is that you??), began to develop specific geometry that reflected sound frequencies in ways that resulted in lower volume for high performance boats without sacrificing performance. They could romp on it out in the middle of the water but wouldn't upset the dock masters back at shore.


Now, I know what you're thinking.. "I've heard vehicles with Corsa Performance exhaust, they aren't exactly quiet so what is all this space mumbo jumbo about?"


After Corsa had been working in the marine sector for a big the questions began coming to them about the captains' vehicles: "Can you make my car sound like my boat? Quiet while cruising but loud and aggressive under acceleration.”  


Corsa Performance Muffler with RSC Technology vs Standard Performance Muffler


Corsa took all they learned and used the aerospace tech to create their patented RSC Technology, letting them make high performance, aggressive sounding exhaust systems with No Drone. Corsa engineers were able to pinpoint the distinct frequencies produced by each vehicle’s unique firing sequence and build a precise, custom tuned exhaust solution that would eliminate harsh drone inducing frequencies without restricting performance or overall volume.





25 years later, Corsa Performance still continues to "Perfect the Science of Sound" and has even broadened their horizons on their quest to "Make Drivers Happy" by offering more than just exhaust with a full lineup of performance parts like Cold Air Intakes, Catch Cans & more available for your late model Ford, Chevrolet or Dodge.

Corsa Performance Exhaust, Intakes, Catch Cans & more