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For Mustang parts and everything speed, we'll put you in the fast lane. At Lethal Performance, we take performance so seriously that we put it right in our name — no joke. We know what you want from your Mustang performance parts: to rev up and peel out. That's why we help feed your need for speed with top-of-the-line Mustang parts and accessories that push your limit further and faster than ever before. Of course, we're not just a Mustang performance shop. While Ford is our specialty, we also offer plenty of GM, Dodge and Chevy performance parts to force the memory of driving stock far from your brain. But we'd be lying if we said our roots didn't run deep in Ford Mustang performance parts. Don't worry. Every single product in our shop is fit for a gearhead like you. So, if you need Ford Mustang performance parts and accessories for your GT, Ecoboost, Mach-1, V6, Fox body, Shelby GT500, SVT Cobra or Boss 302, we've got you covered — but we won't leave Broncos, Ecoboost trucks, or even Camaros and Corvettes out of the fun.

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It doesn't matter if you're in the market for Mustang performance parts or anything else – when it comes to the best aftermarket performance parts for your ride, just make sure they're LETHAL with Lethal Performance.

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Meet The Team

  • Blake Lahti, 2017 Ford F-150 EcoBoost

    Performance Parts Sales

    What do you do at Lethal? Usually nothing but sometimes play around on Facebook, maybe sell some performance parts as well. How long have you worked at Lethal? Currently 3 months to long

  • Chad Mickel, 89 Camaro

    Warehouse Manager

    What do you do at Lethal? Warehouse manager. I'm the one that ships everything that comes from our warehouse and updates what we have in stock. I work on our shop cars from time to time when they

  • Logan Schatzberg, 2014 Mustang GT

    Performance Sales Rep

    What do you do at Lethal?  Outside Sales and in-house Rabbi How long have you worked at Lethal? Since Nov. 2017. What's your favorite memory that's happened at Lethal? Visiting t

  • Chris Brooks, 2015 Focus RS

    Performance Sales Rep

    What do you do at Lethal?  Sales, Social Media Manager and Custodial Superintendent  How long have you worked at Lethal? Just over 3 years now What's your favorite memory that

  • Christy High, 2013 Mustang GT

    Creative Director

    What do you do at Lethal? Creative Director with a side of sales. I also bring donuts. How long have you worked at Lethal?  Since 2008 so about 10 years.  What's your favorite me

  • Matt Gerlach, 2015 GMC Sierra

    GM of all things

    What do you do at Lethal? Little bit of this, little bit of that. Also resident ball kicker for Champ the destroyer.  How long have you worked at Lethal? Eternity  What's your fa

  • Jonas Cooper, 2017 Ford Raptor


    What do you do at Lethal? I supervised the petting zoo that one day.   How long have you worked at Lethal? Since 2004 What's your favorite memory that's happened at Lethal?

  • Jared Rosen, 2018 Mustang GT A10


    What do you do at Lethal? CEO, Marketing, Sales, Product Development How long have you worked at Lethal? 13+ years What is your favorite Lethal project car? Our Whipple powered 2018 GT Wha

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