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The Team at Lethal Performance


Have you ever wondered who you're talking to at Lethal Performance? Well it's time to meet the crew! We all come from different places but there's one thing that this crew has in common

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Chad at Lethal Performance


Name: Chad Mickel What do you do at Lethal? Warehouse manager. I'm the one that ships everything that comes from our warehouse and updates what we have in stock. I work on our shop cars f

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The Dogs at Lethal Performance


Name: Champ the Destroyer Name: MOOSE!!!! Name: Lurch the Shredder Name: Stella the Frenchie (follow me on ig! @itsstellathefrenchie) Name: Summer

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Meet The Team

  • Matt Gerlach

    Matt Gerlach, 2015 GMC Sierra

    GM of all things

    What do you do at Lethal? Little bit of this, little bit of that. Also resident ball kicker for Champ the destroyer.  How long have you worked at Lethal? Eternity  What's your fa

  • Jonas Cooper

    Jonas Cooper, 2017 Ford Raptor Whipple Stage 1


    What do you do at Lethal? I supervised the petting zoo that one day.   How long have you worked at Lethal? Since 2004 What's your favorite memory that's happened at Lethal?

  • Jared Rosen

    Jared Rosen, 2018 Mustang GT A10


    What do you do at Lethal? CEO, Marketing, Sales, Product Development How long have you worked at Lethal? 13+ years What is your favorite Lethal project car? Our Whipple powered 2018 GT Wha

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