Lethal Performance Discount Code

Lethal Performance Discount Code

Lethal Performance Discount Code

Are you looking for a discount code to use here at Lethal Performance on your next order of parts? Of course you are, who wouldn't?





So, picture this: you're sitting at your computer, browsing through Lethal Performance's website, eagerly eyeing those enticing upgrades and adding them to your shopping cart. The smell of burning rubber and the roar of engines fill the air as you proceed to checkout and stumble upon a hidden box asking for.... a DISCOUNT CODE.


You leave our site and hit Google to find a way to give your wallet a break while giving your car some extra horsepower and lo and behold you find yourself here, on this glorious page. (By the way, have you signed up for our emails, yet? The signup is above and it's the easiest way to be notified of new sales & promotions!)


OK but where's the discount code?

They say patience is a virtue.


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Before we get to the discount code, we'd like to explain how this works. We're going to give you a discount code to use here at Lethal Performance that will give you a percentage off your order of performance parts & accessories... but it does come with some caveats (not to be confused with caviar). While we strive to give you the best deals & prices in the industry, some manufacturers have price protection rules that we must abide by, called MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). This same policy is the reason that your spiffy new iPhone is the same price everywhere... Basically the manufacturer won't let us sell the part for a lower price than they dictate. Because of this, we do have to exclude some product lines from our coupon codes. We don't do it as a punishment, we promise, but rather just to follow the rules and make sure we can continue to bring you the largest selection of performance parts & accessories possible.  You can click here to check out the current exclusions list for our discount codes. 


With that said, if you try to use a discount code and it does not work, please reach out to our sales team by calling 561-753-8105 or email into support@lethalperformance.com and they will get you the best deal. Tell them the Killa Beez sent you (it means nothing, but who doesn't love a Wu reference?)


OK, OK... here's the discount code:



Use it wisely...


P.S. Do you know about our Loyalty Pricing program? 


By creating an account (which is free!) or logging into your existing account here at Lethal Performance you also get access to our Lethal Loyalty Pricing Program!  If a brand is included in our Loyalty Pricing Program, you can create an account (or log in to your existing account) and access our exclusive Loyalty pricing on those products. (Oh, and, during big sales like Black Friday sometimes those discounts get even bigger!) Click here for more info.





Give us a shout with any questions or place your order today.

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