McLeod Racing Clutch Kits 101

On an almost daily basis we are asked "Which McLeod clutch kit should I get?!" Guys with GT500s, supercharged Mustang GTs & many others sometimes are torn on which setup is the right one for their application.

Jared, our head honcho, wanted to take some time and go over the McLeod RST and RXT clutch kits & which part #s you will need for YOUR setup, including the corresponding slave cylinders and even the setup for guys with a TR6060 swap. 


Lethal Performance Tech Tips: McLeod Clutches


Did you get all that? We understand the information can be a bit overwhelming for some but we just want to make sure you are getting the RIGHT clutch & accessories for your setup. Here's some notes:


McLeod RST:

  • Organic Compound Discs
  • Bolt-on or Forced Induction cars ~700rwhp
  • Street car setups only; RST cannot withstand the heat of track use


McLeod RXT:

  • Ceramic Compound Discs
  • Great for track use


McLeod RXT1200 Heavy Duty:

  • Same as RXT but pressure plate has a higher clamping force


Let's move on to specific applications:


2007-2009 Shelby GT500

RST: 6908-07

RXT: 6918-07

RXT HD: 6918-07HD

These come with a lightened steel flywheel & use the factory, longer style slave cylinder.


We HIGHLY recommend purchasing these kits & not using your factory flywheel as the OEM flywheel has a 7” opening for the hub where the McLeod disc only has a 6 1/8” hub. This causes the friction surface to sit inside of where it meets the flywheel, giving you less contact. This in turn leads to faster wear & improper clutch hold.


NOTE: If your car has been into Ford for the clutch TSB (10-3-8 or 8-16-4), then you have a 2010+ GT500 clutch & short slave setup in the car and will need the 6975-07M or 6975-07HD setups instead.



2010-2014 Shelby GT500

RST: 6975-07

RXT:  6975-07M

RXT HD: 6975-07HD

These work with both your factory flywheel and shorter style slave cylinder.


These will all work with your factory flywheel. You do NOT need to purchase a flywheel, no matter that the condition of your stock flywheel is.  The 6975-07 series comes built with it’s OWN friction surface that is between the discs and your OEM flywheel. We do offer a stock replacement from McLeod (SKU: 473458) but again, it is NOT needed.


The 6975-07 clutch kits are sprung hub, dampening driveline vibrations & offering smoother engagement than the solid hub setups.



2005-2010 Mustang GT

10 spline RST: 6912-03

10 spline RXT: 6932-03

RXT HD: 6932-03HD

Will work with factory flywheel, but a replacement flywheel is recommended (Lightened Steel Flywheel, SKU: 463456 for 6-bolt, 463458 for 8-bolt).


NOTE: For 26 spline, change ’03’ in SKU to ’07’.



2011-2017 Mustang GT

The options for this car are a bit more expansive.

Solid hub RST: 6912-25

Solid hub RXT: 6932-25

Solid hub RXT HD: 6932-25HD

These will need either a lightened steel flywheel (SKU: 463458) or an aluminum flywheel (SKU: 563408).


Sprung hub RST with Steel flywheel: 11176975

Sprung hub RXT with Steel flywheel: 11176975M


Sprung hub RST with Aluminum flywheel: 11176975A

Sprung hub RXT with Aluminum flywheel: 11176975MA


We know there are rumors & urban legends that the RXT will destroy your MT82 right away, however we’ve run an RXT in ALL of our cars, including multiple MT82s, and we have not had an issue. These cars were NOT babied, either.



2011-2017 Mustang with a TR6060 Swap

If you swap a TR6060 into your car, we will basically treat it as a 2010-2014 Shelby GT500. Here’s what you will need from McLeod:

RST: 6975-07

RXT:  6975-07M

RXT HD: 6975-07HD

You will also need to purchase a short slave cylinder (SKU: DR3Z-7A508-A)



We hope this helps you out!

Give us a shout with any questions.


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