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Steeda Mustang Parts & Upgrades

Lethal Performance loves Mustangs, and we get excited to hook up with fellow pursuers of pony-powered pleasure. That's why we're stoked to carry Steeda performance parts! With an incredible track record, Steeda Mustang parts are known for winning races and championships — more than just about any manufacturer. Steeda's passion for power and speed is evident in everything they make. They're true gearheads, like us, and they have a wealth of pro racing experience, so it only makes sense to carry Steeda parts at Lethal Performance.

Make History & Break Records With Steeda Auto Parts

Steeda hit the scene in 1988, and that history and experience shine through in all Steeda auto parts. While Steeda's Mustang parts are what they're best known for, they're the biggest manufacturer of aftermarket Ford performance parts in general. Along with the Mustang, there are Steeda parts for the F-150, Bronce, Explorer, Fiesta...the list goes on. If it's a Ford, they almost certainly make something for it. Obviously, we love Steeda Mustang parts the most, but their entire lineup is unmatched if you're trying to compete on a drag strip or road course. Steeda aftermarket parts are made with the highest quality — and Lethal Performance is proud to offer them.

Steeda mustang parts

Steeda Performance Parts to Power Your Pony

You might be asking, "Hey, Lethal Performance, what Steeda Mustang parts should I buy?" Well, guess what, dear reader — we're gonna do that thing everyone hates and say ALL OF THEM. Honestly, we stand up for the entire catalog of Steeda parts, including everything we carry now and everything we will carry in the future.

While all Steeda performance parts are worth considering, we do have some solid recommendations for you to start with. We are huge fans of Steeda suspension components, from control arms to shock absorbers and more. Steeda clutch springs and shifters are great, too. Finally, you should check out Steeda cold air intakes to see the kinds of performance gains they can offer your Mustang.

Steeda performance parts

Frequently Asked Questions About Steeda Parts

Something you need to know about Steeda and their aftermarket parts? We've answered a few questions below to get you rolling.

Is Steeda Owned by Ford?

No, Steeda is privately owned. While they have worked with Ford in the past, the company remains a private entity. Steeda is the largest private manufacturer of Ford-oriented performance parts around the world.

Where Are Steeda Parts Made?

All Steeda parts are manufactured in the United States. Specifically, Steeda manufactures its parts at its facility in Valdosta, Georgia.

How Fast Is a Steeda Mustang?

That depends on the specific car and the Steeda Mustang parts it utilizes. However, Steeda has been pushing the envelope with its own Silver Bullet drag car, which set a record in 2022, completing the quarter mile in 8.46 seconds at 162 MPH.

Get Your Steeda Aftermarket Parts at Lethal Performance

Steeda auto parts are some of the best on the market, and there's no better place to buy them than Lethal Performance. All Steeda performance parts are designed to push your Mustang to the limits — and they're made by people who know how to do it. You know we wouldn't steer you wrong when it comes to Mustang parts. Get your Steeda aftermarket parts today and start building the pony car of your dreams.

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