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The 2011-2012 GT500 is one bad ride just how it comes from the factory. However just like any other mustang there's plenty of room for improvement. Not only can the 2011-2012 suspension be easily upgraded but there's plenty of power that can be tapped into with simple bolt on modifications as well. A custom tune from our tuner Jon Lund can increase HP by up to 40rwhp. Add to the mix a set of longtube headers or an offroad X-pipe to gain another 15-30rwhp. If that's not enough a smaller supercharger pulley along with a tune can yield up to 90rwhp over stock. For those want more we offer several different aftermarket supercharger and turbo upgrades that allow you to make anywhere from 600rwhp to 1300+ rwhp. Our most popular supercharger upgrade is the Whipple 2.9L kit. In addition to the power upgrades you'll want to make sure you have the supporting mods to safely handle the power levels you're looking to make. Things such as a proper fuel system, injectors, throttle body, intake and exhaust are crucial to making a setup work. If you have any questions regarding any modifications for your 2011-2012 GT500 please feel free to give your Lethal Performance sales associate a call today.