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The Mach-1 just like the other modular mustangs can easily be upgraded. Starting with a cold air or ram air intake from JLT Performance along with a custom tuned SCT X3 by Jon Lund you can expect gains of up to 20rwhp. The next step would an offroad midpipe which will yield you another 15rwhp. If sound is what you're looking for a catback setup from Magnaflow, Borla, Flowmaster or Bassani will wake your Mach-1 up and give a more aggressive muscle car sound. After you've done the intake and exhaust the next best way to make big horsepower is with a supercharger or turbo upgrade kit. We offer several different kits made by Vortech, Paxton and Procharger. These will increase power levels by as much as 120rwhp and can be upgrade to make more. If you decide to go this route making sure you have the supporting mods to safely support these levels is very important. The most crucial part is the fuel system. We offer many different fuel pump and injector upgrades capable of supporting up to 1200rwhp. If you have any questions regarding performance upgrades for your Mach-1 please contact your Lethal Performance sales associate today.