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Getting a custom tune from The Tune Shop at Lethal Performance


You've got the car. You've got the mods. But now you need a custom tune to tie it all together and make sure your car is running at its best & safest. That's where The Tune Shop comes in here at Lethal Performance. 

We have tunes available from some of the biggest & baddest tuners on the market, including Lund Racing, AED and Palm Beach Dyno. For more info on the tuners, click here


So how does one go about ordering a tune and getting it to the vehicle? We'll outline the process for you. (Click links below to skip ahead)





First, you'll need to choose a tuner. Once you've chosed a tuner, you can purchase just a tune (if you already have a device), a tune with device (ie: nGauge or SCT) OR a one of our custom tuned power packages. 

Once you've placed your order, within 24-48 [business] hours we will email you a link to the custom tune form.  NOTE: This form will go to the email used ON THE ORDER. Please be sure to use the correct email.


If you ordered a device as well, this will be shipped out immediately so that you can load the tunes once received. We do not load tunes unless otherwise specified.

If you ordered a Palm Beach Dyno nGauge with custom tune, the process is a little different. You will need to fill out your form first before we can ship the device. Click here for complete instructions on the Palm Beach Dyno nGauge process.


Here are some examples of the information you will need to fill out this tune form:

  • Year/Make/Model
  • Octane of fuel you will be using
  • PCM code
  • VIN Number
  • Gear Ratio
  • Modifications list
  • Tuning device serial number (if using a device previously owned)


If you ordered an SCT device & tune from 5 Star Tuning, you will need to use the SCT device to get your strategy code for them to create your tune. This is done by plugging the SCT device into the vehicle and selecting "VEHICLE INFO" from the main menu.


The forms will vary depending on the tuner you have chosen. Below are a couple of examples:




Once you've filled out the form, it will be sent off to the appropriate tuner. 


IF YOU PURCHASED JUST A TUNE with no device, your tune(s) will be emailed to you to load onto the device. You can skip to the next section to see how to load the custom tune onto your device.

IF YOU PURCHASED A TUNE + DEVICE, we will assign your order a device serial number before it ships. We will supply that serial number to the tuner for you.

NOTE: If you ordered a Palm Beach Dyno nGauge + custom tune the process is slightly different. Please CLICK HERE for your instructions.  


If there are any questions from the tuners, they will be emailed to you at this time so that you are sure to get the proper tuning for your setup. 




Your tunes will be emailed to you from the tuner (or us here at Lethal). The process for loading them onto the device will very depending on whether you are using an nGauge or an SCT device. 

If using an nGauge device:


Here is a quick video outlining the process:


The nGauge has 2 options to connect to your computer.

OPTION 1: You can use the included mini-USB to USB cable to plug your computer directly into the nGauge device on the front panel. Once the nGauge is powered up you will want to select "Diagnostics" and then "USB SD".

OPTION 2: You can remove the mini-SD card from the side of the nGauge and insert it directly into your computer. (There is a mini-SD card adapter included in the box)


At the computer:

1. Once you've connected your computer to the nGauge either with the USB cable or the SD card, it will display as a separate drive. Here is an example of what it would look like on a Mac:



2. You will need to save the tune file from the email. This is done by clicking on the link and choosing the destination folder of your choice. You will want to place the tune file into the folder on the nGauge titled "custom files". 

3. After the file is transferred you are ready to load the tune onto the vehicle.

4. Plug the nGauge into the OBDII port on your vehicle. Once powered up, select "Tuning" and follow the on screen prompts to load the tune onto the vehicle.

5. Drive away with a smile on your face.


If using an SCT device:


1.  Download the tune file(s) from the email. Be sure to remember the folder that you save them in.

2.  Install and open the appropriate SCT Device Updater Software. CLICK HERE to download the Device Updater Software from SCT's site. 



3.  Plug your SCT device into your computer with the USB cable.

4. In the Device Updater Software, hit the “Load Custom Tune FIle” button.



5. Hit the “Browse” button and locate your tune file.



6. Once you select the file, it will appear in the left column titles “Available Tunes”. Hit the “>>” button to move the file over to the “On Device” column. You also have the option to edit the name of the file at this point. Once you have done this, hit “Program” to load the tune onto the device.



7. If you have more than one tune file, repeat steps 5 and 6 for each tune file.

8. Head over to your vehicle and plug the SCT into the OBDII port. Select Tuning and follow the on screen prompts to load your new custom tune onto the vehicle.

9. Drive away with a smile.



Thank you for checking out The Tune Shop at Lethal Performance.

Feel free to give us a shout with any questions you may have!