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Whipple Supercharger
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Whipple Superchargers Tomahawk Flash Device with Calibration (2022-2023 Ford Bronco Raptor 3.0L)

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NOTE: The Tomahawk flash device does not store the stock file for your vehicle onto it. Once you flash your Bronco with the Whipple calibration the stock file is no longer available.

It's here! The all new Whipple Superchargers calibration for the 2022+ Ford Bronco Raptor. Up until now the only way to increase performance on the new Bronco was to use a piggyback module which manipulates the sensor output signals. These types of piggyback modules sometimes report improper torque values to the PCM which have been known to cause possible issues with shifting and throttle control.

The Whipple calibration however is a full flash which is based off of OEM tune logic and still includes all of the factory safety features. It's also 50 state legal so you can pass emissions in all 50 states.

We installed the Whipple calibration on our 2021 First Edition 4 Door with Sasquatch package and saw some impressive gains. On the dyno our Bronco put down 405rwhp and 471rwtq on 93 octane. With just a flash from Whipple Superchargers using the Tomahawk flash device we ended up making 387rwhp and 467rwtq. In addition to the gains throttle response, acceleration and shifting were also greatly improved. Hate that auto start / stop feature? Well that's a thing of the past as the Whipple calibration completely disables that feature. So if you're wanting more performance out of your bronco and still retain all of the stock safety features from the OEM calibration the Whipple calibration is exactly what you need.

The Tomahawk device from Whipple is also very easy to use. Once you receive your Tomahawk flash device you'll simply plug it into the OBDII ports under the dash of your Bronco. Turn accessory power on by tapping the start button once. You'll go into programming and press enter. It will ask you if you want to pull the stock file. You'll hit yes and it will automatically save the stock file info to the SD card. From there you'll email that file to Whipple Superchargers and the delete the stock file from the SD card. From there they will build your bronco calibration and email it back to you which you'll have to extract to your computer. Then drag the file once extracted onto the SD card. Plug the device back into the OBDII port with accessory power on. It will actualize itself to the vehicles PCM. Go into Programming where you'll see the file that you saved onto the SD card. Press enter and once it says programming complete turn accessory power off. Unplug the Tomahawk device and you're good to go.

Whipple 2022+ Bronco Raptor Calibration Features:
Compatible with future Over The Air updates
Refined Pedal Map for Increased Power Under the Curve
Increased Horsepower and Torque
Speed Limit Raised to 120mph
Auto Start / Stop Feature Disabled
Adaptive Octane
50 State Legal
Higher Shift Points for Automatic Broncos
Refined Shift Strategy for Sporty Feel
Adjusts for Different Axle Ratio and Tire Sizes
Increased RPM Rev Limiter
Designed for street, Offroad and Towing (Must not exceed the manufacturers recommended tow capacity ratings)
Minimum of 91 Octane Required

Whipple Tomahawk Flash Device Features:
Easy to use device
SD Card for Storage
Reads and Clears DTC Trouble Codes
OBDII Compatible

Whipple, known for its industry leading upgrade systems and technological innovations, has now brought the same technology to the 2021+ Ford Bronco with the Whipple Stage 1 calibration.

The stage 1 calibration is designed to work with stock broncos. From tip-in to red line, you'll feel instantly more torque while delivering smooth, predictable power increases. Gains up to 60* horsepower and an astounding 80* foot pounds over stock. Even better, at 3500rpm, the system produces up to 140 foot pounds of torque over stock giving more power under the curve for incredible throttle response.

Whipple and it's Ford calibration team worked feverishly using advanced tools to develop a calibration that could maximize power while being legal and safe at the same time. After countless dyno and real world testing in multiple environments, the engineers were able to extract massive levels of torque and horsepower yet maintaining factory type safety settings. Each system features the Whipple Tomahawk flash tool that allows easy uploading and downloading of the custom files. The Tomahawk also features read and erase trouble codes, live data and data logging capacity and a Whipple exclusive, wheel and axle changing capacity.

Installation Time: .30 hours

*Flywheel power ratings with 93 octane. Power levels may vary depending on octane and conditions.

**50 State Legal.

NOTE: The Tomahawk flash device does not store the stock file for your vehicle onto it. Once you flash your Bronco with the Whipple calibration the stock file is no longer available.

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