Our Lethal Performance Supercharged 2024 Mustang GT Build

The Lethal Performance 2024 Mustang GT


The 2024 Mustang S650 is one of those Mustangs that is a love/hate for most people, meaning they love to hate it (am I right?). However, there’s no denying it’s a stout predecessor to the (super) popular 2015-2023 S550 Mustang before it. While we may not be able to slap a custom tune on them (yet), we can still have some fun. 


We have not one, but TWO 2024 Mustangs in our “stable” now: a 6spd MT 2024 Mustang GT and a 10spd AT 2024 Dark Horse Mustang. These are two similar, but also very different cars. 


You can follow our 2024 Mustang GT build right here! We’ll update dyno numbers, track times and more so you can see what mods worked well and plan your own 2024 Mustang build.


Here’s a quick rundown of our current numbers (this will be updated as we do more & more):


2024 Mustang Dyno Numbers and Track Times



Want to follow along with our build on YouTube? Check it out:






Picking up the car: Taking delivery with a special appearance

Body & Styling: From Vossen Wheels to Carbon Fiber

Catch Cans: UPR Products FTW!

ExhaustHeaders, HH-pipes and Axlebacks, oh my

Suspension: A trip to Steeda Autosports

Driveline & Transmission: McLeod comes in clutch

Boost: Whipple Superchargers making all the steam: ADDED horsepower numbers!

At the track: We hit Bradenton Motorsports Park for some 1/4 mile testing to dial it in!

Built MT-82: Calimer Stage 2 being built for us!





We picked up our 2024 Mustang GT from Weikert Ford in Lake Wales, FL in October 2023 and while we had seen an S650 in person before (mainly the RTR Spec 2 S650), this one was ours and it was time to get to work. We were even blessed with an appearance from Jared “Nacho Man” Savage…


Jared Nacho Man Savage and our 2024 Mustang GT at Weikert Ford





While we love making things faster around here, we also take pride in the looks part of a build, too. We went a little wild with our trademark skull on the side of our 2024 Mustang GT, going with a retro 90s pattern and bold colors. Why fit in when you can stand out?

2024 Mustang GT Lowered on Vossen Wheels


We also decided to rock some 20x10 Vossen HF7 wheels all the way around in Satin Silver and they look GOOD.


Lastly, we’re going all in with some Lethal Performance Carbon Fiber, including the S650 Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud.


There’s more Cabon Fiber coming, so stay tuned…





Our first mod (besides some much needed window tint) was to drop the car off over at UPR Products to get the royal catch can treatment. Steve, aka @thecatchcanman, installed their dual catch can setup on the car and it looks awesome (and IT WORKS!)



If you’re wondering what exactly a catch can is or why you need it, we did a great video & article with Steve from UPR going over all the details. Click here to check it out!






While the 2024 Mustang GT sounds great stock… it sounds even better with some exhaust mods (plus, we’ll want the more open exhaust with the Whipple Supercharger).


For headers, we went with the Kooks 1 7/8” Longtube Headers w/ Off-road Connection Pipes. Kooks makes top quality, high performance stainless steel exhaust seeps right here in the US of A. Fitment is on point and these larger headers will help us make more power with the Whipple Supercharger.


Behind the Kooks connection pipes is our Lethal Performance exclusive Corsa Performance Double HH-pipe. The H-pipe not only deleted the factory “suitcase” resonator, but also gives the car a deeper rumble note.


Paired up with our Double HH-pipe to create a whole catback system is the Corsa Performance Active Sport Axleback w/ Black Slash Cut Tips. Corsa has always made some of the best sounding exhausts for late model Mustangs without adding the dreaded “drone” that so many aftermarket systems have. 


We'll have more exhaust footage soon, but you can definitely hear the HH-pipe rumbling when Davey P is drifting the car around our Lethal Performance warehouse lot:






What good is all that horsepower if you can’t put it to the ground? We took our 2024 Mustang GT up to Steeda Autosports in Valdosta, GA to get their “Stop the Hop” treatment and a set of their lowering springs so we weren’t riding around like a 4x4 anymore.

2024 Mustang GT at Steeda for some new suspension


Here’s what we installed on the 2024 Mustang GT:


Steeda “Stop The Hop” Street Starter Kit which includes three essential components to help eliminate wheelhop: 

     Subframe Alignment Kit

     Subframe Bushing Support System

     IRS Subframe Support Braces

Steeda Linear Drag Springs 


For more info on what each of these key pieces do for your Mustang’s suspension, click here


Jared holding the Outlaw G-Force axles for our 2024 Mustang GT


We also added a set of GForce Outlaw axles. While our stock ones were not broken, we wanted to added insurance for the track since our 2018 Mustang GT decided to break the stock half shaft on our first time out to the track. Click here to check out the axles!





Perhaps a little less glamorous, but also super important, are the driveline & transmission mods. While they may not add horsepower, make cool noises or add to the vehicle’s aesthetics… they DO help produce, control & place that power to the right places. 


McLeod RXT installed in 2024 Mustang GT


We installed a McLeod Racing RXT clutch setup in our car and paired it with an MGW X-spec short throw shifter for a strong, reliable setup that shifts like a dream. 


The McLeod RXT is rated to 1000hp and comes with an included aluminum flywheel. The McLeod Racing RXT utilises ceramic compound discs ensuring longevity and reliability under extreme conditions. The heat-treated components withstand the rigors of spirited driving and racing. Click here for more info.


Behind the transmission, we replaced the factory 2-piece driveshaft with an awesome new QA1 Rev Series Carbon Fiber one-piece driveshaft. This driveshaft is capable of handling up to 1500hp and is not only stronger than the factory driveshaft but it is also much lighter, freeing up some rotating mass weight and getting more power to the ground.






This is what you’re really here for, it’s OK you can admit it. It really is one of the most exciting pieces of the puzzle and we’re not even close to being done yet. 

Whipple Supercharger installed on our 2024 Mustang GT


It’s no surprise to anyone that we went with the Whipple Superchargers Gen 6 3.0L supercharger kit for our 2024 Mustang GT.  Not only is it one of the baddest blowers on the market, but Whipple is currently one of the only companies who have the ability to tune these S650 Mustangs. 


We had the Whipple (and all of the supporting mods) installed by Willy “The Wizard" Lujan at Lujan Motorsports in Miami, FL. Check out the videos here!


The Whipple kits come complete and ready to install. The Stage 1 kit is rated at 810hp and the Stage 2 kit is rated at 855hp. These numbers, of course, are to the flywheel so we are excited to see what it makes at the wheels! We are currently in the works of dynoing the car and will be posting numbers soon…. Then it’s time for the track!


Click here for more info on the 2024 Mustang Whipple Supercharger kit! 

The dyno results are in....

It's what you have all been waiting for (some more patiently than others...)! We put our Whipple Supercharged Mustang GT on the dyno over at Palm Beach Dyno to see what numbers it would make... and it did NOT disappoint!



We did run into an issue of hitting a limiter at 7100rpm which is set by Ford on all manual transmission 2024 Mustangs (including the Dark Horse) so we didn't get a full RPM run. This same issue happened with our stock baseline runs. We did do a full pull in 3rd gear, which did not hit a limiter, and it made 781rwhp! On average, the 4th gear numbers were about 20-30hp more than 3rd gear so we wonder if fixing the limiter will present us with an 800+rwhp number. Remember this is on the stock Whipple calibration, stock 3.75" pulley and 93 octane! 


2024 Mustang Whipple Supercharger Dyno Sheet with Horsepower Numbers



Whipple was able to find the limiter and get by it so we went back over to Palm Beach Dyno to throw the car back on the dyno! We were already impressed, but we decided to toss a little VP Octanium in the tank of 93 and a FUEL+ booster just to make sure we were getting proper fueling for what we hoped would be 800+hp... and we were right!




The car made 807rwhp! While this is more than an out of the box kit will make on a stock 2024 Mustang GT, we're still stoked to see how well the Whipple performs with some supporting mods. We've already been selling tons of headers for these cars so we're hoping to see lots of high-700rwhp 2024s on the road soon. 

We weren't done, though! We had a Griptec 3.625" just itching to be installed so we changed out the pulleys and made another hit. The car put down 833rwhp and 661rwtq, a solid gain of 26rwhp with the pulley change. 


2024 Mustang GT with Whipple Dyno Sheet 800hp




We hit the track to see what it can do!

We took our Whipple Supercharged 2024 Mustang GT to the track to see what it would run. This car does have the manual transmission so we knew it was not going to be as easy as our past vehicles, like our 2018 Mustang GT Project Goldmember, which went mid 8s. Jared was a little uneasy about his stick-shift abilities so we invited longtime racer & friend Evan Smith out to do some piloting.


Throughout our day of testing we changed up tire pressure, launch RPMs and more to see what kind of times we could get the car to run.


2024 Mustang GT with Whipple Time Slips at the Track


We're happy with what we accomplished and we know there is a TON more potential as we further dial the car in. Stay tuned to our channels because there's more where this came from...


Hot Rod Magazine Article on our 2024 Mustang GT


Want to read more? Hot Rod did an exclusive story on our track outing where Evan Smith goes into detail on his passes and how he got down the track. CLICK HERE!



Calimer building us a Stage 2 MT-82!

While our MT82 is not broken, we've seen enough take a beating and not survive so we want to take preventative measures.  Calimer Transmissions is coming in clutch (pun intended), building us a new Stage 2 MT-82 unit for our 2024 Mustang GT. 


Calimer Transmissions Stage 2 MT-82 Internals

The Calimer Stage 2 MT-82 transmission features:

Updated Ford hard parts

New carbon fiber sychros

Cryo treatment

Billet 1-2 and 3-4 forks

New seals, bearings, etc.

Micro polishing

Shift Weight Delete

Upgraded Calimer made 3rd and 4th gear


CLICK HERE to shop for a Calimer  BuiltTransmission for your own Mustang GT!



Ready to shop for your own 2024 Mustang?

Check these out:







Stay tuned because we’ve got a lot planned for our 2024 Mustang GT and we’ll put it all right here on this page!


Have a question? Give us a shout at 877-2-LETHAL or email support@lethalperformance.com





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