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  1. Steeda Strut Tower Brace - 3 Point, Chrome Moly (2003-2004 Mach-1, 1999-2001 Cobra) - 555-5714

    Steeda Strut Tower Brace 03-04 Mach 1, 3 Point Chrome Moly - 555-5714

    Steeda's strut tower brace feature super strong 4130N Chrome-moly alloy steel, making them more than twice as strong as other bars without adding any additional weight. If you're looking for true race car performance and the best strength-to-weight ratio of any brace in the industry, this is the part for you!

    Tests show that without a strut tower brace, shock towers flex up to 1/4" during hard corners! Steeda's Strut Tower Brace strengthens the front of your car, eliminating suspension flex and cowl shake, while improving steering response and handling. Extra clearance for popular aftermarket intakes and superchargers make them a perfect upgrade, even if your car came factory equipped with a brace.

    Product Benefits
    • Closed triangle shape for strength & ultimate handling
    • Designed to work with caster camber plates
    • Allows for aftermarket manifolds
    • Much lighter than other aftermarket bars
    • 50% stronger than other aftermarket bars

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  2. Stifflers WEB-M01 1979-2004 Mustang Web Brace

    The Web brace ties together our full length subframe connectors and stiffening rails, creating the ultimate in chassis stiffening!

    As a key component of Stifflers Fully Integrated Technology (FIT)SystemTM, it provides a structurally engineered network (Web) of additional strength and stiffness, unmatched in todays market.

    Installation is easy with our Slide-2-SizeTM mounting brackets. No loss of ground clearance and will work with most other manufacturers rectangular full length subframe connectors too!

    - Slide-2-SizeTM mounting system makes installation nearly effortless; simply slide bracket into place and weld, for a custom fit every time.
    - Design optimized using CAD/CAE software combined with real-world test data.
    - Manufactured of 1 x .065 tubing to maximize stiffness and strength while reducing weight.
    - TIG welded for superior strength
    - Considerably increases side impact safety.
    - Works with any aftermarket square or rectangular full-length subframe connectors.
    - Engineered for no loss of ground clearance and no need to relocate fuel or brake lines.
    - No floors to cut or interior to remove.
    - Pre-masked areas for welding require NO removal of powder coat before installation, for significant time savings!
    - Industrial grade powder coat for long life, to outlast the vehicle.
    - Not a kit, comes complete and ready to install.
    - A key component of Stifflers Fully Integrated Technology (FIT)SystemTM.
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  3. Stifflers 99-04 Mustang Spider Brace

    Don't suffer any longer with limp front frame rails, put the Spider to work for you and GET STIFF!

    Finally ... a way to stiffen your front frame rails without installing a 12pt-cage or converting to a tube chassis! This one-of-a-kind brace works with our Lower Chassis brace to completely integrate the K-member and subframe system, eliminating unwanted movement of the front frame rails caused by launching, cornering and braking. This patent pending system acts as a lower frame rail to greatly increase front end rigidity and transfers suspension loads to the strongest part of the car, the subframe system.

    - Dramatically increases front end rigidity by acting as a lower front frame rail.
    - Eliminates unwanted movement of the front frame rails.
    - Transfers front suspension loads to the subframe system.
    - Improves braking performance.
    - Decreases weight transfer response time.
    - Improves steering stability and predictability.
    - Four wheel alignment (front-to-rear) remains consistent.
    - Reduces interior vibration and noise.
    - Can be used alone or with Stifflers Fully Integrated Technology (FIT)System.
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