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  1. ATI AIGO3A-003 Air to Air I/C, 1300 HP, 3.5" Inlet/Outlet Top/Side - RACE - 4.5" 3 CORE C6 Corvette

    Inlet: Top
    Outlet: Side
    Inlet/Outlet Diameter 3.5"
    1300 max hp
    27" wide, 12" tall, 4.5" thick

    ProCharger is happy to announce the release of its Race air-to-air intercooler for use on high horsepower supercharged C6 Corvettes. If your making 700, 800, or even 1000+ HP, this intercooler has you covered (and then some). Track-tested on the drag strip and the road course, this massive intercooler is ready to perform. So if your intercooler is getting choked up from more CFM flowing through it than it was built to handle, creating a bottleneck that limits your boost, this is your solution.

    The core of this monster intercooler features a massive 4.5″ thick core section for maximum cooling area and low restriction. To make this possible, a custom bar and plate core is manufactured right here in the USA, designed to not only have great cooling abilities, but also the lowest pressure drop possible. Further flow enhancements include tapered, lightweight sheet-metal end tanks, and 3.5″ inlet and outlet connections.

    This C6 Corvette Air-to-Air Race intercooler was designed to be a “drop-in” replacement for those already supercharged using the HO ProCharger intercooler. All existing brackets, tubing, inlet, hardware transfer over to the new Race intercooler for easy installation. Absolutely NO modifications to the Corvettes body or frame are needed this this installation, making it 100% reversible.Learn More

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