Shelby 2010-2014 Mustang Iso-Clutch Remote Reservoir Kit


Manufacturer: Shelby Performance Parts

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Shelby 2010-2014 Mustang  Iso-Clutch Remote Reservoir Kit

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Exclusively from Shelby Performance Parts, the Iso-Clutch addresses a common problem during competitive use on the Ford Mustang; brake fade followed by diminished clutch engagement. This potentially dangerous condition is due to the brakes and the clutch sharing the same fluid circuit and reservoir. Shelby Performance Parts has developed a simple but effective solution to the problem by offering this exclusive Iso-Clutch kit. This new system separates the two circuits allowing both the brakes and the clutch to run at cooler temperatures, independent of each other. A must-have for anybody wanting to get the maximum performance out of their Mustang; developed and track tested by Shelby. Made in USA.

Assembly includes instructions and all necessary components for installation.

Manufacturer Shelby Performance Parts

Customer Reviews

Recommend Review by Tracy
I purchased the Shelby Remote Reservoir for my Boss.
Good quality product!!
Simple bolt on install. Keeps brake and clutch issues separate. I track my car and bleed the brakes often. By separating the reservoirs I reduce the amount of fluid and the effort involved in a brake fluid flush.

Bolts on in less than 10 minutes. (Posted on 6/22/15)

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