Meziere 86-93 Mustang 5.0L 55GPM Electric Water Pump - With Idler (Chrome)


Manufacturer: Meziere

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Meziere 86-93 Mustang 5.0L 55GPM Electric Water Pump - With Idler (Chrome)

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Innovative design makes for an easy installation. Unbolt your factory pump and bolt on an easy 11-14 horsepower with our street style water pump. An idler is incorporated onto the pump so your belt routing remains in its stock configuration. American made with quality far superior to any other performance aftermarket company, we build our water pumps with pride right here in the USA. Our 300 series pumps move more water and produce more pressure than any other electric pump on the market. That means better protection for your high horsepower, high demand engine! Our 2 year, unlimited mileage guarantee and full satisfaction money back guarantee should convince you that buying Meziere is buying value!

This water pump model features:
  • Fits small block Ford Winsor and 5.0 pre 1994
  • Idler design lets you keep all of your serpentine belt driven accessories
  • Suitable for street or drag strip use – 3000+ hour life expectancy
  • Show quality finish
  • High flow design provides 55 gallons per minute free flow rating
  • All stainless steel hardware included
  • Ports provided for heater and bypass
  • Inlet fitting, heater and bypass fitting included
  • Light weight. Complete small block Ford unit weighs only 10.2 pounds!
  • Stainless steel large diameter main shaft with high performance ceramic seal
  • Dual inlet ports threaded #20AN to accept a variety of fitting options
  • Inlet fitting included - 1.75" hose for stock configuration
  • Alternate inlet fittings available

  • Technical Specifications:
  • For installation into stock type vehicles you may consider relay kit p/n MEZ-WIK346
  • If you are running a cam belt drive on your small block Ford this will not be the correct part number. Please see part # WP173.
  • Finishing The System: This pump is supplied complete with gaskets and hardware and fittings. You should not need any additional items for this installation.
  • Inlets available for hose sizes 1.75", 1.50", 1.25" and AN sizes #20 and #16.
  • This pump model does accept heater and bypass connection as a standard.
  • Amperage draw: Under normal use the pump will draw 11-12 amps.
  • Overall Height Dimension: The standard pump is 6.3" long from the mounting surface to the tip of the pump.
  • Pump Weight: This application weighs 10.2 lbs.
  • 16 volt systems: The 12 volt pump will work for limited use applications. Do not run the pump while charging the 16v system.

  • Additional Notes: The standard 35 GPM pump is suitable for normally aspirated engines up to 650HP. Supercharged, turbocharged and high compression, high horsepower applications should use the 55GPM High Flow pump only. The small block Ford engine has gone through several design changes at the factory since its inception. There are two different 55 GPM pump models that may be right for your engine. For more information regarding small block Ford applications and how to tell which pump is correct for you, please see our SB Ford addendum sheet.

    Manufacturer Meziere

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    • Mustang 5.0L 1986,1987,1988,1989,1990,1991,1992,1993