Injen 2014 Fiesta ST Black Short Ram Air Intake Kit


Manufacturer: Injen

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Injen 2014 Fiesta ST Black Short Ram Air Intake Kit

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If you're looking to add more power on the 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST, you need to free up the airflow going to the engine caused by the restrictive factory air intake system. The Injen SP Short Ram Air Intake replaces your factory intake system with a larger diameter, free flowing piping that has minimal bends and a large cone air filter. You will see performance gains of 8hp and 9lb/ft torque at the wheels on the 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST after installing the Injen Short Ram Air Intake. The Injen SP Air Intake is one of the easiest to install performance upgrades that only requires basic hand tools and 30 minutes of your time to install

Product Features:
Manufactured In California, USA
+8.71rwhp and +9.15lb/ft torque Increase
Get Cool "Blow Off Valve" Sound
Engineered with Injen-patented SP Technology for optimum airflow
Easy to install, only requires basic hand tools
Free-flowing, larger diameter intake tubing
Increases in performance and engine response
Includes Heat Shield
Improves acceleration
Better gas mileage
Manufacturer Injen
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