Suncoast Performance 10R80 Rebuild Kits Explained


In racing, sh*t happens and things break when it comes to performance and the addition of horsepower & torque. While it is strong, the 10R80 is not bulletproof and in some cases it will break. Have no fear, though, because Lethal Performance now offers the Suncoast Performance 10R80 rebuild kits!


These rebuild kits come in 5 different levels, from Category 0 to a Category 4. Each kit comes as a complete clutch and steel module kit, with new Raybestos GPZ clutches and steels, that fits the new Ford 10R80 Transmission. This module kit contains all of the clutches and steels necessary to rebuild your 10R80 transmission. The Ford 10R80 transmission comes standard in the Ford F150, Bronco and the Ford Mustang.


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Check out the differences below:



Now that you know which components come in which kit, let’s go over what these components actually consist of and why you want them so that you can choose the optimal category package for your build.


The additional components (click each one to jump ahead):

Replacement Clutches

New Filter

Extra Capacity “D”, “E” and “F” clutches

Pro-Loc Valve Body

Billet Flexplate




Suncoast Raybestos GPZ Clutches


Raybestos Powertrain GPZ friction plates greatly increase transmission performance and durability. This state-of-the-art friction material far exceeds OE material to withstand high stress, high temperatures and repeated cycling. GPZ's outstanding performance benefits are perfect for heavy-duty vehicles and high-stress driving. Testing of GPZ revolutionary friction material shows that it outperforms OE materials by as much as 20%. Plus, its performance improves as the power increases.




Withstands high horsepower

Greater torque capacity

Maintains piston travel

Optimum performance

Higher heat resistance

Smooth engagements

Enhanced shift feel


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New filter and gaskets


This 10R80 transmission has a newly designed filter that has two types of media, fine and course (medium). The course medium is common in most filters (orange filter paper), and the fine medium filtration (White paper) is the newer material. There is a thermal plate inside the filter that separates the course and fine media. When the oil is colder (higher viscosity) at startup, the fluid will flow through both the fine and course filter media.


As the fluid heats up (less viscosity), the thermal plate will bend and restrict the coarse media section, directing most of the fluid through the fine media and, therefore, catching more of the finer debris once the fluid is heated giving it a far superior filtration system.


The Category 1 through 4 SunCoast 10R80 rebuild kits come with a complete gasket overhaul kit as well as a brand new factory filter to ensure zero flow issues.


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While each Suncoast 10R80 rebuild kit contains all the frictions and steels you will need to do a clutch and steel replacement on a 10R80 transmission, the Category 2 and up kits contain extra capacity "D", "E" and "F" clutch modules.

The 10R80 transmission, while a very capable unit, has its deficiencies just like anything else when it is asked to perform outside its original design intention. Since it's debut in 2018, Suncoast has been actively involved in research and development of this new platform. With our active partnership with Raybestos powertrain, we can now deliver you the very best product to date with the 10R80 platform. These new Suncoast 10R80 transmission expanded capacity clutch modules that are included are completely drop-in replacements. Absolutely no machining is required.


The "D" Clutch


It is not uncommon to see rapid degradation along with premature failure with this clutch pack in even stock form. 


The "D" clutch is engaged in P, R,1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10. Where the problem lies is in its oncoming clutch responsibilities when engaged in 6th gear as the oncoming clutch. With this responsibility in higher horsepower or more demanding driving situations it becomes very obvious uptown teardown this clutch has seen its share of abuse.


Suncoast provides an additional capacity clutch module for this clutch pack, increasing clutch count by 17 percent by going from the factory 6 clutch count to a 7 clutch count in this drum. This expanded capacity is also coupled with the GPZ friction material, providing not only additional surface area but higher friction coefficients, as well. The new Suncoast 10R80 transmission clutch module requires absolutely no machining or modifications to your current unit...we supply everything needed.


The "E" Clutch


If the 10R80 transmission had evil twin redheaded stepchildren, the "E" clutch would definitely be one of them. This other proverbial thorn in your side would be the "F" clutch.


This clutch, the "E" clutch in a 10R80 transmission, is engaged in 1,3,5,6,7,8, and 9th. The real issue becomes apparent pretty quick. This clutch is cycled on 3 times and off 2 times by the time you are in 5th gear. The clutch is on in 1st then cycled off in 2nd, cycled back on in 3rd, then back off in 4th...only to be cycled back on in 5th gear. In higher-horsepower or higher-demand towing and hauling situations, this constant cycling on and off can lead to premature failure. 


Suncoast has addressed this issue with the 10R80 transmission by improving the clutch friction properties with the New Raybestos GPZ material and increasing clutch capacity by a whopping 20%. This takes the clutch stack-up from a factory 5-clutch stack up to a 6-clutch stack-up. We simultaneously are addressing the heat issue with both improved friction coefficient, as well as increasing surface area. This Suncoast 10R80 transmission "E" high capacity comes completely assembled and stacked up with a new (not used) OE machined drum, piston and backing plate.


The "F" Clutch


This clutch is also prone to premature wear as we have seen with other Lepelletier Ravigneaux Gear sets...oncoming clutches in higher gears seems to take the blunt of the beating. With the new 10R80 transmission, the "F" clutch is no exception.


The "F" clutch is engaged in R,4,5,6,7,8 and 9th. The quickest path to early or premature degradation to this clutch pack is wide open throttle or heavy-load-indexed 3rd to 4th shifts. This is especially prominent in applications where torque management has been deleted.

Suncoast has corrected this issue by adding 25% more capacity to this clutch pack by taking it from 4 clutches to 5 in this particular clutch pack.


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Suncoast Pro-Loc Valve Body


With Suncoast 10R80 Pro Loc valve body we are addressing several key issues we have seen in regards to the 10r80 transmissions. 


One of the first issues that we have noticed is that in higher horsepower applications the TCC clutch is slipped in in some cases as long as an entire second. We can also appreciate that in a stock application within normal driving characteristics this will produce a very refined engagement.


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Suncoast Billet Flexplate


SunCoast is proud to bring to you our new billet 10R80 one-piece solid flexplate. This new 10r80 flexplate is manufactured from 4140 forged billet steel. It features a solid one-piece design with an integrated ring gear that has been heat-treated and oil-quenched for years of reliable service.

This new SunCoast 10R80 flexplate is also almost twice the thickness of the factory unit. This additional thickness and improvement in manufacturing material renders deflection virtually non-existent.

SunCoast engineered this flexplate with a relief ring, which prevents imparting deflection of the crankshaft trigger wheel pulse ring. This deflection of the pulse ring is a known issue in higher RPM applications.

Finally, this new SunCoast billet 10R80 flexplate is SFI-certified to a rating of 29.2. That is over 11,000 RPMs and 1,700 plus horsepower. This billet 10R80 flexplate is the toughest damn thing this side of Bangladesh. Suncoast guarantees it.


Features & Benefits:

SFI-certified 29.2

4140 forged, billet steel, one-piece construction

Clamping doubled when used with SunCoast ProLoc Converter

Integrated heat-treated oil-quenched ring gear

Thicker construction, reducing deflection

Redesigned relief ring, eliminating pulse ring at high RPMs

Looks tougher than Chuck Norris's chin


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Whether you're rebuilding for lower power levels, or you're building to support a big blower (like a 3.8L Whipple Supercharger, maybe??) there's a rebuild option for you.

Even better, pair these kits with one of Suncoast Performance's badass bolt-together converters for the ULTIMATE 10R80 setup.


Give us a call today to get your transmission on the right track. #teamlethal