The Lethal Lowdown, Episode 2: Custom tuning, Explorer ST, new clutch kits & more!

We're BACK! The whole pandemic thing has hindered most of our content creation but we are pushing forward! This week, we made sure to take special safety precautions, installing a plexiglass barrier around Jared, who seemed to enjoy it more than he should! Check it out...




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The Tune Shop; featuring Lund Racing & Palm Beach Dyno

Explorer ST Goodies

     H&R Lowering Springs

     McGard Lugnuts

     EXCLUSIVE Corsa exhaust

     Whipple Intercooler

     Custom Tuning

EXCLUSIVE Corsa HH-pipe for 2015+ Mustangs

NEW LPX & LPXHD Clutch Kits

Ford Bronco released

Customer Shoutouts

     Scott Hasty

     Cara Hepler

     Andrew Sheridan

     Kundan Nasir aka Stangmode





We offer custom tuning from 6 of the top custom tuners in the business here at Lethal Performance:

  • Lund Racing
  • Palm Beach Dyno
  • Venomous Tuning
  • AED
  • Li Tuning & Racing
  • 5 Star Tuning


We have their tunes available by themselves if you already have a device, or as a package with both SCT devices and nGauges. PLUS we ship all tuning devices via 2 Day Air for FREE. 





The Explorer is Ford's latest model to gain the ST badge and it is a BEAST. This is no soccer mom vehicle anymore... And we've got the parts to make it even better! Fortunately, our "man in charge" Matt picked up a beautiful white 2020 Ford Explorer ST and is generous enough to let us play with it.



Want to give your Explorer ST a much sleeker stance while not sacrificing ride quality?? H&R Suspension released their Ford Explorer ST lowering springs recently and we knew we had to get them installed on Matt's SUV. We took the truck over to RareFab in Boynton Beach, FL and let Will B. there do his thing. 


Here's the result:


Want to see it compared to stock? Here ya go:



CLICK HERE to grab a set of H&R Lowering Springs for the Explorer ST!


If you look closely, you'll also notice that Ford sends you off with some nice looking gloss black wheels but then tosses the silver lugnuts on there that stick out like a sore thumb. Luckily, McGard has the answer to that with some powdercoated gloss black lugnuts, available here at Lethal Performance. Look at the difference it makes when installed:



CLICK HERE to get some Black McGard Lugnuts for your own Explorer ST!




YES it is possible to make an EcoBoost sound good. How? Corsa Performance. We have been working with Corsa Performance to bring you a Lethal Performance EXCLUSIVE catback for your 2020+ Ford Explorer ST. Corsa technicians have done hours & hours of R&D, using different muffler configurations, packing within the mufflers, etc. to bring you one of the best sounding exhausts for your Explorer ST. Here, have a listen:



We'll have these available VERY SOON, plus sound clips, images & more.




With a turbocharged setup (ok any setup, really), you want to keep your temps down for the most efficient use of horsepower. Whipple Superchargers have made custom intercooler setups for the EcoBoost platform for years and were quick to design a larger, more efficient intercooler for the 2020+ Ford Explorer ST. We have these intercoolers IN STOCK and ready to ship. 


CLICK HERE to grab a Whipple EcoBoost Explorer ST Intercooler for yourself!




While the Explorer ST is awesome right from the dealer lot, there is still a lot of potential locked up in the stock tuning. Plus, if you want to add performance mods, you'll want the PCM to recognize them and make them the most efficient. That's where custom tuning comes in!


CLICK HERE for Custom Tuning & Devices for your Explorer ST!

CLICK HERE for Power Packages for your Explorer ST!


Like mentioned before, we have custom tuning available from the top tuners in the industry, whether you want just a tune & device OR you want a complete power package with exhaust, intercooler, device & an XDI fuel pump to run E85. 


Custom Explorer ST Power Package featuring an XDI Fuel Pump to run E85!


EXCLUSIVE Corsa Performance HH-Pipe



With the popularity of the Corsa Double Helix XX-pipe, we also saw the demand for an H-pipe version. H-pipes, compare to X-pipes, will give a deeper tone and eliminate some of the rasp that these newer cars have all the while giving the car a louder, more aggressive sound. We approached Corsa and are happy to bring you the Double HH-pipe, EXCLUSIVE to us here at Lethal Performance. 


Our own Logan installed the Double HH-pipe on his 2020 Mustang GT paired with their Active Catback Exhaust (with some awesome looking Gunmetal tips, might we add). Here's what it sounds like:



CLICK HERE to grab a Double HH-pipe for your 2015-up Mustang!

Want to pair it with an axleback exhaust to make a full catback? CLICK HERE for your options!


The HH-pipes have started shipping. Stay tuned to our social media for more sound clips & comparison videos, too!


NEW: Lethal Performance LPX & LPXHD Clutch Kits



We are STOKED to announce our newest line of Lethal Performance clutches: the LPX and LPXHD. 

These clutches are a Kevlar faced twin disc setup with a dedicated aluminum or lightened steel flywheel. We offer them in 10 spline, 23 spline and 26 spline to fit just about every Mustang application from 1999-up, including the 2018+ Mustang GT. 


We'll be releasing a Product Feature video on these clutches soon, but basically these clutches fall in the sweet spot between the McLeod Racing RST and RXT clutch kits. The RST kits are not strong enough to handle track use, but the RXT some feel is too strong for most transmissions. The LPX and LPXHD pick up that in between slack offering the strength needed for track abuse but still easy on the stock transmissions. 


The LPX is rated to 800hp and the LPXHD is rated to 1000hp, giving you the support for just about any build. 


CLICK HERE to browse the full LPX and LPXHD Twin Disc Clutch Kit lineup!


Stay tuned to our social media & emails for a future video release covering the ins & outs of these clutch kits.





Ford has officially launched the 2021 Ford Bronco and the internet was here for it, both the lovers & the haters. For $100 you could reserve your very own 2021 Ford Bronco, so we did! We put our names down through Weikert Ford in Lake Wales on a badass First Edition 4-door Bronco. We may be having bad flashbacks of how long the 2020 Shelby GT500 took from order to delivery but we'll make it and we are SUPER excited not only to get our hands on our own Bronco but to see what kinds of fun things this new platform brings to the Ford Performance aftermarket. #bringitFord


Customer Features


We love our customers.  They are some of the baddest, fastest, best Mustang owners around. Here's a few...


Scott Hasty



Scott is running a Gen 5 3.0L Whipple Supercharger on his 2011 Mustang GT and he is representing #teamwhipple in the best way! Scott recently became the first blower only 6r80 car in the 7s. That's right, he's running a 7-second quarter mile! Congrats Scott & the rest of the Hasty Family Racing team! You guys are killing it.


Be sure to go give Scott a follow on Instagram: @hastyfamilyracing





Cara Hepler has one NICE 2017 Mustang GT that surely stands out in a crowd. The car's name is Chaos and it is wrapped in an iridescent matte purple and even has our Lethal Performance logo embossed into the front bumper (hell ya!). She is rocking a Procharger P1X setup on the car with Kooks Headers, Injector Dynamics ID-1050X injectors, a Lethal Performance Fuel+ Fuel Pump Voltage Booster, Roush catback and when it's time to race she rocks wheels from VMS Racing. Yeah, I said race... She not only drag races the car but has also completed in quite a few autocross events. Stay rad, Cara. 

Be sure to go give Cara and her car, Chaos, a follow on Instagram: @chaos_gt_premium





Andrew Sheridan is no stranger to Mustangs. Not only is he a #cobro (aka 03-04 Cobra guy) but he runs a popular YouTube channel called Mustang Lifestyle. We recently teamed up with Andrew on his 2014 Shelby GT500 to give him all the fuel he needed to make 1000+rwhp. Andrew installed our new traditional version of the Lethal Performance full Triple Return Style Fuel System on the car and brought it down to Palm Beach Dyno for some tuning. We'll have a video interview & dyno up shortly with Andrew so stay tuned. 


Be sure to go subscribe to Andrew's YouTube channel to follow along on this project & more: YouTube | Mustang Lifestyle





If you're into the late model Mustang market you've probably heard of or seen a video from Kundan, aka Stangmode. While he has multiple projects, his newest beast is a 2020 Shelby GT500 in Grabber Lime aptly named The Hulk.  We have partnered up with Kundan to help out with his build, starting with a set of ID1300x injectors and the full DivisionX 2020 Shelby GT500 Fuel Rail Kit so that he can run E85 in the car with no worries. We can't wait to work with him more on this project and see the videos he pumps out. 


Be sure to go follow him on Instagram: @stangmodeofficial

And DEFINITELY go subscribe to his YouTube channel: YouTube | Stangmode


That's all, folks. Until next time.... #teamlethal