2015+ Mustang Baer Drag Race Brakes


Baer Brakes SS4+ 2.0 Drag Race Brake System

Going fast is cool & all, but what about stopping? Or relying on your OEM brakes to launch your drag car? Or even fitting a 15" wheel on the back of your S550?


Baer has the answer with their latest SS4 2.0 Drag Race (Deep Stage) Brake kits.

Baer sent us a full front & rear setup for our own project 2018 Mustang, aka Project Goldmember and we cannot wait to get these bad boys installed!



From first glance, you can tell that these calipers are packaged much smaller than the OEM setup and most aftermarket brake systems. This smaller size allows for clearance of most 15" drag wheels, including those with a double beadlock.

Not only does the smaller size contribute to more room, but it also means LESS WEIGHT!

2015+ Mustang OEM brakes range between 30-48 lbs per corner (depending on whether it's a Performance Pack). The Baer kit weighs roughly 19lbs per corner. That means you could shave over 80lbs off! Check out the chart below:

The benefits of this kit are awesome. 

Weight savings.

Wheel clearance.

Stopping power.



Want to get a set of Drag Race brakes for your car? Click these links:

Baer SS4+ 2.0 Drag Race Front Brake Kit (2015-2018 Mustang)

Baer SS4+ 2.0 Drag Race Rear Brake Kit (2015-2018 Mustang)


But what about the construction? Those benefits are great and all but don't mean anything if the kit falls apart. 

Don't worry, these Baer brake systems are made to last. They are constructed of high grade billet aluminum sourced right here in the USA and assembled with stainless steel hardware.

Check out this video from Baer abour the S4 caliper included in these kits:

Impressive, right? We think so.
Here's some key features of the Baer SS4+ 2.0 Brake System:

+ All the benifits of our larger brake systems just in a smaller package to fit 15" wheels
+ Fits most all beadlock wheels
+ Designed specifically for heavy, fast cars
+ Can be used on the street
+ Proper banjo fittings (NOTE: Baer does not use any pipe thread fittings)
+ 6061 T-6 billet aluminum hat (anodized black) and bolted to the rotor
+ High grade U281 fine thread stainless hardware (with captured nuts)

The S4 Caliper Features:

+ (4) 10mm cross bolts for maximum stiffness
+ Stainless steel abutments and noise suppression springs
+ Hard anodized aluminum pistons
+ Internal crossover design
+ Machined logo that is hand painted
+ Uses a common 4 piston pad for easy replacements
+ Available in Front or Rear for that same cosmetic matching look
+ Uses correct banjo style fittings, Baer does not use any pipe thread
+ 100% MADE IN USA with US sourced material


Custom Colors?!

Are you eyeing our custom black powdercoat finish with the gold lettering? Baer offers a large variety of custom colors which are all available as an option for your Baer brake kit!

Here's the chart:

Whether you want the Drag Race kits featured above, or a custom 6-piston Baer big brake setup, we can get you what you need. 

Have questions? Give us a shout. Call us at 877-2-LETHAL or email support@lethalperformance.com !