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DivisionX 8210 99-04 Cobra / Mach-1 High Flow Fuel Rails (Black Anodized) Whipple / KB / VMP / Stock Eaton


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DivisionX 99-04 Cobra/Mach-1 High Flow Fuel Rails (Black Anodized)

Fits: 1999-2001 Cobra, 2003-2004 Mach-1, 2003-2004 Cobra with stock Eaton, 2.3l, 2.9l, 3.4l, 4.0L Whipple, 2.2l, 2.4l, 2.6l, 2.8L, KB 2.8L Mammoth, VMP 2.3L, 2.65L Gen3/Gen3R
 (KB Mammoth models require slight modification to the bolts heads which hold the baseplate of the blower to the lower intake manifold)

-The divisionX Fuel Rails are sold as the rails only with no fittings. Use the dropdown menu to add the -8an fitting kit which also includes a stock line to aftermarket rail adapter.

All new at Lethal Performance is another amazing product from our good friends over at divisionX. For some time now we've seen the need for a better fuel rail solution. Up until now the rails available to the market had not fit all applications as well as there were a few applications that required modification for them to fit.


As we worked with divisionX to make a better designed fuel rail the objective was to make a higher quality rail than anyone else which will fit all applications. An example of this is the 2.3L Whipple for the 03-04 Cobras. The plenum on the 2.3L Whipple was designed to flow as much air as possible. In doing so it's quite large and causes interference with aftermarket rails. To this day you would either have to grind the underside of the plenum and rail or run a supercharger spacer to space the Whipple off of the lower manifold creating more room for the rail to clear the plenum. For most no one wants to start grinding their $3000+ supercharger and it's kept many from upgrading their fuel systems.

We're proud to say that the divisionX rails do not have to be spaced, ground down or modified to fit any of the aftermarket twin screw blowers. Fitment has been confirmed on: 2.3L, 3.0L, 3.4L, 4.0L Whipple Superchargers / 2.2L, 2.4L, 2.6L and 2.8L Kenne Bell blowers. VMP 2.3L, 2.65L Gen3 / Gen3R Superchargers.

There's more to the divisionX Rails then fitment as they also provide some features that no other rail on the market does. Up until now if you wanted to run an electric fuel pressure gauge you would need a fuel block that mounted in between the aftermarket rail and fuel rail pressure sensor. Same goes for tapping into the rail for a nitrous setup. The additional block is no longer needed with the divisionX Rails as they have 2 ports machined into them already. This allows for you to run the fuel pressure sending unit or nitrous connection by simply screwing the sending unit or NPT fitting into the already machined ports.

Another huge feature of the divisionX rail is the actual design. Due to the way some other rails on the market have been designed leaking fuel at the injector can occur. This is because the rails do not sit 100% on top of the injectors. They are mounted to the manifold in a way which tilts the rail on an angle and keeps them from properly sitting on the injector. The angled design compromises a secure fit.

The divisionX rails however have a complete uncompromised fit which sits straight on the injector providing a leak proof seal. Not only is this the way the rails should fit on the injectors but when looking at the divisionX rails mounted on the car they are straight and look how they should.

DivisionX Fuel Rail Features:

These are the most well conceived fuel rails available for this specific application:

-OEM positioning, orientation, and size of o-ring seats for injectors.
-Robust bolt on mounts for safe and reliable injector seating. Stainless steel mounting hardware included.
-Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor positioned to not interfere with large case twinscrew superchargers. (i.e. Whipple 3.4L)
-FRPS bank includes a 1/8" NPT fitting for remote fuel pressure sending units for in car fuel pressure gauges. Optional block-off available for return style systems.
-Auxilliary connection bank has provisions for locking down a Kenne Bell restrictor orifice for FRPS replacement without fear of losing restrictor orifice.
-Unique low profile design clears inlet of twinscrew superchargers. Overall rail height is the same as the OEM rails WHILE providing a 56% larger bore than the stock fuel rails.
-SAE o-ring boss ports (-8 size) on front and back of both rails.
-Front of rails is truncated to maximize clearance in the front of the rails. Aft of rails are positioned to maximize flexibility of supply/crossover lines.
These fuel rails are machined from 6061-T6511 from a solid block of aluminum. There are no welds or caulk to fail.

-The divisionX Fuel Rails are sold as the rails only with no fittings. Use the dropdown menu to add the -8an fitting kit which also includes a stock line to aftermarket rail adapter.

Vehicle Application(s)

This product fits the following models and years

SVT Cobra1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Mach-12003 2004

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