Autometer C2 Series Electric 0-100 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge

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Manufacturer: Auto Meter

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Autometer C2 Series Electric 0-100 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge

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AutoMeter C2 Series Electric 0-100 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge

  • 2-1/16" Full Sweep Electric Oil Pressure Guage
  • 0-100 PSI
  • Includes: 1/8" NPT electric sender, 1/4" NPT adapter fitting, and 8' harness.
  • C2 Series

  • Take charge over your vehicle's critical systems. OIL PRESSURE, WATER TEMPERATURE, VOLTMETER

    Everything you need to safeguard against dangerous conditions, trouble shoot potential problems, and use to build a successful power combination. This is the foundation for AUTO METER'S three level "Total Performance Program."

    The AutoMeter C2 Series of competition instruments features Intense Blue LED Lighting and a translucent white dial. Illuminated Red Pointer.Advanced Air-core movement (ensuring precision movement and extreme accuracy.

    C2 series gauges are available in mechanical, electric, and full sweep electric versions. The lighting is wired through the OEM switch and light intensity is controlled in the same way the stock dash lighting is controlled. C2 Series Gauges will turn any custom interior into mission control.
    Manufacturer Auto Meter
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