GripTec Supercharger Pulleys

NEW: GripTec supercharger pulleys


Belt slip with supercharged setups is a widespread issue. You may not even be aware it's happening. 

Belt slip isn't always noticeable. Often belt slip is noticed when the system squeals, squeaks or boost falls off. Did you know that naturally the belt can slip a very small percentage even on NA vehicles, one major factor to belts wearing.  Belt wrap does play a key factor in minimizing belt movement but when it comes to driving a supercharger is hard to fully eliminate with just surface contact. Systems running 3.4 upper pulleys can see as much as a 1.5 psi gain when matching size for size pulleys.

-GripTec /ZPE                     


Watch the video for the scoop from Jared!


If you had an 03-04 Cobra (or other blower setup) a few years ago and you were in the market for a new supercharger pulley then you probably had your sights set on certain pulleys like the one pictured below. 


Notice the grooves cut into the pulley where the belt sits


These 'non-slip' pulleys had grooves cut into them to help "catch" the belt and eliminate belt slip. They were super popular and most of the time effective, however the edges of these grooves sometimes led to a shredded belt...




They've since been discontinued and the company has moved onto an entirely new arena of machining, which left supercharger customers with little choice in pulleys...




We are happy to introduce the GripTec supercharger pulley line!

Whipple Superchargers have been using these pulleys in some of their applications with great success. Dustin Whipple recommended that we carry the line and we're impressed!



What sets these pulleys apart from any other pulley? 

It's ZPE's (the people that make them) patented GripTec technology!


Close up shot of a GripTec pulley's belt surface

Close up shot of a GripTec pulley's belt surface


ZPE uses two patented processes to increase surface grip: GripTec Micro and GripTec Weld. 

GripTec Micro is a CNC ablation process which removes material from the surface of the pulley where the belt would sit.

GripTec Weld is a micro welding process in which material is added to the surface. 


Both of these processes serve to increase the pulley's grip potential by increasing the friction between the pulley and belt using an engineered grip pattern, thereby eliminating slip. 


To give you an idea of the grippiness (is that even a word??), JMS Chip & Performance has the option to add a GripTec finish on the inside of their Avenger & Savage series wheels. The coated edge acts similar to a beadlock by keeping the tire from spinning on the wheel.


JMS wheel with a GripTec finish


Whether you are running a 3.75" or a 2.50" pulley on your Whipple, Procharger, Vortech or other supercharger you can surely benefit from the added grip of these GripTec supercharger pulleys.


Belt slip is a very common issue on supercharged components.  In fact some units cranking out as much as 14-16 psi can take up to 200hp to drive.  Often the drive systems are plagued with slippage issues and builders find themselves moving to noisy cog systems, where belts have shorter life spans, are difficult to find at just any parts store and they can create more heat through the frictional movement of the cogs. 

-GripTec /ZPE      


GripTec pulley on a Whipple setup

GripTec pulley on a Whipple setup


You could be losing horsepower from belt slip. Don't let that happen to you. 


Check out some of the pulleys here:

6-rib Whipple GripTec pulley

8-rib Whipple GripTec pulley

10-rib Whipple GripTec pulley

6-rib Procharger GripTec pulley

8-rib Procharger GripTec pulley

6-rib Vortech / Paxton GripTec pulley

8-rib Vortech / Paxton GripTec pulley

2.3L TVS GripTec pulley

2.65L TVS GripTec pulley


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