Walbro "Improved" GT Supercar Fuel Pump

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Walbro "Improved" GT Supercar Fuel Pump

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New from Walbro is their "Improved" version of the popular GT supercar fuel pump. Walbro manufacturers the OEM pump for Ford, so you know this pump is high quality. You may be wondering how this pump is "improved" over the original OEM version of the GT supercar pump, here are a few points:

  • The "Improved" pump is E85 compatible, the OEM version is not.
  • At 13.5v and 40 psi, the "Improved" pump is rated to 250lph and the OEM pump is rated to 224lph
  • The "Improved" pump has a pressure relief valve, the OEM does not

Those are some of the main differences. The pump uses the same dimensions as the OEM, so it's a direct replacement in that respect, however, it does utilize a Delphi pigtail connector where the OEM has the contacts built into the pump housing. This means minor wiring modifications will be needed in GT supercar applications, but in other applications, these modifications will be required either way. So, if you plan on building a returnless fuel system, or just upgrading your OEM returnless pump, save a bunch of cash by going with the Walbro pump versus the OEM, and you'll be getting a better pump to boot.

Manufacturer Walbro
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