The Box from Division X: a compact wiring solution for your fuel system!


Ok I'm intrigued... What is it?


The Box is a plug & play wiring solution for your dual or triple pump return style fuel system. Here's a video of Jared going over the ins & outs of The Box:





Currently, all of our Lethal Performance / DivisionX fuel systems come with either a dual or triple pump wiring harness (depending on the # of pumps you are running) to control & power the fuel pumps in your system. These harnesses are plug & play and work great BUT we’ve had many customers express their wishes for a simpler, cleaner setup. That’s where The Box comes in.

If used, The Box will replace the current wiring harness setup & relocates all of the relays & fuses inside of a more compact, well, box.  



CLICK HERE to grab The Box (hey, keep your head out of the gutter!!!)



What’s included:



Included in The Box:

  • DivisionX The Box Fuel Pump Controller
  • 15ft 4g Power / Ground Wire
  • 4g Ring Terminals
  • 7ft 12g wire for 3 Fuel Pumps with Plug and Play Connector
  • In-Line Fuse Holder with 80amp Fuse (Main Power to Controller)
  • 15ft Wiring Harness for Pump Trigger / Hobbs / Pressure Switch



But, what’s IN The Box?

OK, Brad, let’s go over what’s inside of The Box

As mentioned before, everything included on our wiring harnesses is now hidden inside The Box. There are three 40 amp relays inside. These relays aren’t the small ones (found on the competition) that are used for lighting systems, either; these are heavy duty 40 amp relays.



Also located inside of The Box are three replaceable 30 amp fuses (one per fuel pump). The lid of The Box is easily removed with 4 screws so that you can easily access & replace these fuses if you were to blow one (which The Box will alert you to, but more on that later).



What’s on the OUTSIDE of The Box?

In this case, the outside is just as important as the inside. Take note of the labeling on the lid of The Box. It is a great reference point.



On one side of The Box you will see 3 female connectors. This is where the 3 connectors from the 7ft 12g wire for the 3 pumps will plug into. The other side of that wiring harness will plug into our DivisionX Fuel Hat for a plug & play connection.



On the other side of The Box there are a few things going on. On the right side you will see a large gray connector. This where the 4g power wire coming from your main power source will plug into The Box, feeding power to your fuel pump assembly. 



On the left side is a unique feature: 3 small, red LED bulbs and a green female connector. The red LEDs will illuminate when you have power to the corresponding fuel pump (reference the label on the lid of The Box). If an LED goes out, you can see which pump has lost power and trace the issue (blown fuse, etc).  The connector is where your green/yellow wires will plug into for your fuel pump trigger/Hobbs switch. This connector is also labeled, 1 pump on the left side and 2 pumps on the right.



I’ve got 3 wire setups in the kit, what do I do with them??

The 3 wiring harness included with The Box are for the (1) power/ground, (2) Box to Fuel Hat and (3) fuel pump trigger/Hobbs switch. 



Let’s go over each of them, shall we?



The source of POWAHHH! Basically, use the included 4g ring terminals to wire up & ground the cables. You will wire the power (red) and ground (black) wires at the power distribution box main power and ground studs.  Then run them down the car, using the included inline 80 amp fuse, and plug the large gray male connector into the large gray female connector on The Box. 


The Box to Fuel Hat

This one is the easiest. Plug the smaller, black male connectors into the 3 female connectors on the side of The Box. This is basically 1 connector per fuel pump. The other end of the harness, with the large single connector, will plug directly into the connector on the top of the DivisionX fuel hat. 


NOTE: If you are only using TWO pumps, you will use the connections labeled Pump 2 and Pump 3. Pump 1 will be for the optional 3rd pump.



Fuel Pump Trigger/Hobbs/Pressure Switch

This one gets a little trickier depending on how you want to run your setup. If you are running 2 pumps, you will only use 1 of the wires, which will be the yellow wire (notice the label on the lid, showing it will run 2 pumps). If you wish to run all 3 pumps, you will be using both the yellow and green wires.


If you wish to run the pumps at all times:

If you wish to run both (or all 3) pumps at all times, you will wire the yellow/green wires into the FPDM wire from your factory harness. This wire will be located in the factory harness plugged into your factory fuel hat. Pull back the wire loom/covering from behind the connector, locate the correct wire and cut it. You will then wire the yellow/green wires from The Box into this FPDM wire and your pumps will be triggered on with the key.


NOTE: If you are only using TWO pumps, you will use the connections labeled Pump 2 and Pump 3. Pump 1 will be for the optional 3rd pump.


Here’s a list to show the color wire you’ll be looking for in each model vehicle:

  • 99-04 GT/Mach-1/99-01 Cobra – Pink/Black FPDM Wire
  • 2003-2004 Cobra – Yellow/Green FPDM Wire
  • 2005-2009 Mustang GT / GT500 White FPDM Wire
  • 2010-2014 GT / GT500 – Violet With Green Tracer FPDM Wire
  • 2011+ Mustang GT – Yellow with Grey Tracer FPDM Wire


If you wish to run a pump on a Hobbs/Pressure switch:

What if you only need the 3rd pump sometimes? There is the option of using a Hobbs Switch (or pressure switch) which you can use to trigger the 3rd pump once it sees 5psi of boost pressure. The 3rd pump will still be wired in and functional but only work once the 5psi is achieved.  The Hobbs switch can be purchased separately or added onto any of our systems. 



There are 2 wires coming from the switch (you will also connect the Hobbs switch to a boost/vac source with the T-fitting and vacuum hose provided with the Hobbs switch kit). If you decide to run a Hobbs switch, you will connect the yellow wire from The Box (for the first 2 pumps)  AND ONE of the wires from the Hobbs switch to the FPDM trigger wire as outlined above. Then, you will connect the other wire from the Hobbs switch to The Box’s green wire (for the 3rd pump), basically putting it in line from FPDM trigger to fuel pump.  This way once the achieved boost is met on the hobbs switch it will close the loop and allow power to go to the pump or pumps you would like to be on the Hobbs switch.

NOTE: If you wish to have 1 pump running continuously and the 2nd pump on a pressure switch, that is also an option. You will wire the green wire directly into the FPDM wire and run the Hobbs inline with the yellow wire.



So there ya have it, folks! This is The Box. It is available as an option on all of our 1999-up dual & triple pump return style fuel systems OR on it’s own for your own setup (or if you want to upgrade an existing DivisionX fuel system).

If you have any questions please reach out to us by phone (561-753-8105) or by email at