Lethal Performance Clutch Kits: Handle up to 1000ft/lbs tq!

Lethal Performance presents our very own line of clutch kits, from mild to extreme, available for most 1999-up Mustangs. Whether you have just bolt ons or a 1000rwhp extreme setup, we have a clutch kit available for you. 


Choosing a clutch is hard. There's a lot of options on the market ranging from mild to wild and sometimes it's hard to narrow down the best options for YOUR build. We're here to help!

Not only do we offer a complete clutch guide (click here to check that out) but we also offer our own range of high performance clutch kits for everything from 500hp to 1000hp.



Check out the chart below to see which Lethal Performance clutch setup is right for YOU & read on for more info about them.


NOTE: All of our Lethal Performance clutch kits have a 500 mile (or 1200 cycle) break in period!


Lethal Performance Street Fighter 525


Ryu would be proud to run this clutch set up in his own Mustang. The Street Fighter 525 clutch kit is a single disc clutch kit with a Kevlar design, offering up smooth engagement with excellent street manners while still being rated for drag strip use. It can handle 525ft/lbs tq, making it a perfect option for the N/A guys. 


Click on your application below to check out the Street Fighter 525 kits:


1996-2004 Mustang GT/1999-2004 Cobra - 10 Spline
NOTE: 1996-2001 Mustang GT w/ T5 or T45 transmission must use an 11” flywheel with this clutch (stock is 10.5”)

1996-2004 Mustang GT/1999-2004 Cobra - 26 spline
NOTE: 1996-2001 Mustang GT w/ T5 or T45 transmission must use an 11” flywheel with this clutch (stock is 10.5”)

2005-2010 Mustang GT - 10 spline

2011-2017 Mustang GT - 23 spline


Lethal Performance Street Warrior 700



Head from the street to the track with the Lethal Performance Street Warrior Clutch Kit for the 2011-2017 Mustang GT/Boss 302. This Street Warrior Clutch Kit is a single disc clutch designed to provide the reliability you require in a street/track clutch as you rev your 700 horsepower and 700 ft./lbs. torque engine. Finally get the holding power you've been looking for and the durability for both street driving, and a bit of track racing.  Featuring a dual-faced ceramic friction disc; this Street Warrior Clutch Kit provides smooth engagement and awesome holding power making it the perfect performance upgrade for street and track use.


Click HERE to check out the Street Warrior clutch kits!



Lethal Performance LPX and LPX HD Clutch Kits




The Lethal Performance LPX and LPXHD feature twin kevlar twin discs and are offered with either an aluminum or lightened steel flywheel. The LPX uses Kevlar discs so it's going to handle street and strip applications and is rated to the 800hp range with the standard pressure plate and 1000hp with the HD pressure plate. They are perfect for full bolt-on setup as well as mildly boosted cars for both street and drag strip applications. The kevlar material will hold up better than organic discs and will be less aggressive and harsh on your transmission than a clutch that uses ceramic discs. It's a great in between clutch of the RST and RXT. Those who need more than the RST offers but don't want something as aggressive as an RXT the LPX line from Lethal Performance is the ticket!


The Lethal Performance LPX and LPXHD clutches come with a dedicated flywheel and are offered with aluminum and steel flywheel options.*




Looking for torque specs on these? We got you:

  • Floater - 25ft/lbs
  • Pressure plate - 35ft/lbs
  • Flywheel to crank - 65ft/lbs


Click on your application below to check out the LPX kits:


1996-2004 Mustang GT/Cobra - 8 bolt flywheel
NOTE: This kit requires an 8 bolt crank; most GTs have a 6 bolt crank from factory

2005-2010 Mustang GT - 8 bolt flywheel

2007-2009 Shelby GT500

2010-2014 Shelby GT500

2011-2017 Mustang GT

2018-up Mustang GT

*The LPX & LPXHD for the 2018+ Mustang GT are only available with an aluminum flywheel. You cannot (and would not want to, really) run it with a lightened steel flywheel. With the assembly there is an adapter plate and a floater plate. The adapter plate adds weight so to keep the unit similar (but slightly less) weight than stock it uses the aluminum flywheel (steel would make it more heavy than stock). Because of the similar to stock weight, the RPM drop is like that of a lightened steel flywheel.




Have any questions? Feel free to give us a shout by email (support@lethalperformance.com) or call us at 877-2-LETHAL (561-753-8105).