The Lethal Performance 2021 Ford F150: Vossens, Welds & Whipple… OH MY!

Everyone knows that our main passion here at Lethal Performance is Mustangs but we've also been known to mess around with some trucks and recently we added one to the #lethalfleet...



Meet our 2021 Ford F150! This Sport model is, well, sporting a 5.0L Coyote engine with a 4x4 drivetrain and we are going to put it to WORK. Well, on the drag strip.



In this build article:

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Before we get started, here's a chart of our current track times, dyno numbers & associated mod list for our 2021 Ford F150:




OK, onto the build...


We picked up the truck in April 2021 from our good friends over at Weikert Ford in Lake Wales, FL. While there, we even got to take a cruise in a new Mach E as well as the new Bronco Sport. Check out our initial F150 review:


So yeah, the truck is awesome stock. It rides great (Jared said it reminds him of a Gen 2 Raptor) and the styling is awesome... but we can do better!
First thing we did was get some window tint (we do live in sunny south Florida, after all) and of course our side skulls in a beautiful Grabber Blue. 
That's a great start, but we definitely want to ditch those OEM wheels... and maybe close that GAP.
We looked a TON of different wheel options but decided to go with some wheels from the awesome team over at Vossen wheels. We chose their Hybrid Forged 6-Lug HF6-3 wheels in a Gloss Black finish and MAN they are nice (and HUGE). 
We also decided that the Vossens would be our "street" setup and opted for a set of 17x10 Beadlock Ventura 6 wheels all the way around for the business side of things (aka the race track) wrapped in some Mickey Thompson ET Street R drag radials... more on all that later.
The wheels look great wrapped in the Nitto NT420V tires... but would you LOOK AT THAT GAP!! Check out our plans (and THE GAP lol) in this video:



We knew we wanted to lower this truck down quite a bit so we reached out to the F150 suspension specialists over at VA Speciaties (aka @vasfab) and got one of their 3/5 F150 Lowering Kits on the way, with a set of ViKing coilovers and shocks to go with it. 
We dropped the truck off over at WBA Performance to get things started....


Interested in the VA Specialties 3/5 Lowering Kit for your own 2021+ F150? 



Are you ready to see what it looks like installed? CHECK IT OUT:
We definitely approve. It looks SO GOOD. Here's a comparison of before & after:


SO HOT, right? We think so. 

We can't WAIT to get the Weld Ventura 6 wheels on wrapped in some Mickey Thompson tires and hit the track for some baseline numbers. 
After that, it's WHIPPLE TIME!


Houston, we have a Whipple! 

It just so happens that our good friends over at Whipple sent us one of their first 2021 F150 Gen 5 3.0L Stage 2 Complete Supercharger Kits! Let’s take a look…



The Whipple Supercharger kit for the 2021 For F150 5.0L is a NEW Gen 5 3.0L design. It maintains their latest “upside down” technology, where there intercooler sits above the rotors and air flows up through the intercooler and then down into the runners for maximum efficiency. Click here for more info.




UPR Catch Can


We headed over to UPR Products to meet up with Steve, aka @thecatchcanman, so we could help him develop the new UPR Products catch can setup for the 2021+ Ford F150. Check it out:



Want to grab a UPR Catch Can for your own 2021+ F150? CLICK HERE!



TO THE TRACK: Baseline Runs


We took our 2021 Ford F150 out to Palm Beach International Raceway to get some baseline numbers. Unfortunately FL weather is never great for racing in July, and with a DA of 2676 ft, 149.7 water grains and 75% humidity it definitely wasn't ideal for either the truck or us. It was HOT.



Now that the baseline runs are done, we're ready to install the Gen 3 5.0L Whipple Supercharger on the truck and can't wait to see what a difference it will make! 



We dropped the 2021 F150 off at our neighbors' shop, WBA Performance, to have the 3.0L Gen 5 Whipple Supercharger kit installed. Check it out:




TRACK RUNS: This time, with the Whipple...

We took our recently Whipple-charged 2021 F150 out to the track for some testing. While weather wasn't ideal (DA 2249 ft | 80% hum | 131 gr | 86°) we clicked off a nice pass! This is on stock wheels & tires, too.



Here's the (oh so extensive) mod list:
3.0L Whipple Supercharger (Complete Kit)
VAS 3/5 Lowering Kit (w/ ViKing shocks & struts)
Stock tires & wheels
Stock exhaust
93 Octane

Now we get to start shaving some numbers off that time... #whippletheworld

OH, you wanna know what power it makes? 


We tossed the F150 on the rollers to see just how much it makes over at Palm Beach Dyno. We aren't upset at all with the results!!




Here's the dyno sheet:



WHEW! Almost 300rwhp increase...#teamwhipple


Turning it UP: Adding Stainless Works exhaust & Circle D converter...LET'S GOOO! 



We took our 2021 Whipple-powered F150 to the track and managed to set a new record. Now we want to kick it up yet another notch! So here we installed full Stainless Works exhaust, a Circle D torque converter, and some sticky meats wrapped on Weld drag wheels.



NEW BEST: Hitting the track with the new converter & exhaust 


We took all 3 vehicles, the 2020 Shelby GT500, the Mach E GT and of course the Whipple supercharged 2021 F150 to the track to see if we can get some new personal bests. Previously the truck went 11.87 but since then we added a new Circle D converter and some Stainless Works exhaust... did it help? You betcha...



INCHING CLOSER: The hunt for 10s...


For the end of the year, we had our employee party at the track because, why not? Most of our employees got new personal bests... including Jared in the F150! We are so close to 10s we can feel it!!






Updated mods:

3.0L Whipple Supercharger (Complete Kit)

VAS 3/5 Lowering Kit (w/ ViKing shocks & struts)

UPR Products Catch Can

Stainless Works Longtubes

Stainless Works Catback

Circle D Torque Converter

Weld Ventura 6 Drag Wheels  (Require spacers)

Mickey Thompson ET Street R 305/45/17



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