Beginner’s Guide to Mustang Mods

Beginner's Guide to Mustang Mods

So, you finally got your hands on a Mustang. Congrats! Whether it's a classic model or straight off the production line, your Mustang is loaded with possibilities for improvements — both from a performance and an aesthetic standpoint. If this is your first time messing around with Ford Mustang mods, though, you might be scratching your head wondering where to start. That's why Lethal Performance is here to guide you through some beginner Mustang upgrades that will transform your pony into the glorious stallion you've always dreamed of.

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The Best Mustang Mods for Performance

If your main goal is to leave the competition in the dust, you should focus your attention (and your budget) on Mustang parts and modifications that'll give you serious performance gains. We have plenty of killer ideas to help you get started.

Cold Air Intake & Tune

A Mustang straight out of the factory will be saddled with an airbox that's downright restrictive. To come out swinging, the first Mustang mod you need to take care of is replacing that airbox with a cold air intake. Cold air intakes let cool, dense air into your engine at a higher rate, which frees up a significant amount of horsepower.

Remember to choose your cold air intake carefully! Some of them will require a tune to ensure that you get the maximum amount of power from your new intake system. You also won't have to worry about your engine running too lean — you'll even get better throttle response. If you don't want to worry about a tune, however, there are plenty of no-tune required options available. You just won't get the same massive gains in power as a tuned cold air intake. We think we know which one you'll go with.

Exhaust Systems

Give the competition a clear idea of how powerful your Mustang is with an exhaust system that roars. But, while an upgraded exhaust is one of those Mustang modifications that can be done purely for fun, a good one will also give you some performance gains. A performance exhaust system gives your car's exhaust gases a more straightforward escape route, meaning your engine can burn fuel and air faster to create even more power. That increased rate of escape is what lets your car growl with the satisfyingly aggressive volume you can only get from a true muscle car. To start your search, Magnaflow makes some awesome performance exhaust parts.


Having a properly tuned cold air intake and a powerful exhaust system will give you some pretty great performance gains — but a supercharger is an all-around package that every modded Mustang should have. A supercharger's impeller (or impellers) is driven through the belt drive on your motor to give you an immediate, insane power boost on every part of your powerband. We're big fans of Whipple Superchargers, but there are plenty of incredible options out there, including Procharger, Vortech and Paxton. If you're serious about hitting the street or track and taking home the gold, a supercharger is a must.


So, you've added all the bolt-on Mustang mods like intake and exhaust. That means it's time to get low — on that suspension. Lowering your mustang makes your pony look slick, no doubt, but it can also improve its handling. A low suspension will enhance cornering, reduce brake drive and help you tear down straight tracks with all the speed provided by your intake system and supercharger. It's basically the cherry on top of your Mustang mod sundae.

Make Your Pony a Lethal Speed Machine

Mustang Mods on a Red GT

The Best Mustang Mods for Appearance

Having power under the hood is great, but we're guessing you want your pony to look the part of a truly lethal speed machine. For that, you're gonna need to give your Mustang a facelift.

Front Bumper & Chin Spoiler

Spoiler alert — the first indication of your Mustang's prestige on the track is, well, the spoiler. If your Mustang is a bit more "distinguished" than most, you may also want to replace the front bumper for something sleeker and more aggressive. Combining a new bumper with a chin spoiler, which sits just below the bumper, will give your car a sharp-edged game face that's sure to intimidate the competition. In other words, it's a Mustang mod you shouldn't skip out on.

Rear Spoilers

Spoiler alert #2 — the second indication of your Mustang's presence on the track is the fierce appearance of your car's backside when you leave the competition in the dirt. Rear spoilers are just the Mustang mod to do it, providing the same sharp, aggressive edge to the back of your car that a chin spoiler gives to the front.

Side Scoops

These Ford Mustang mods haven't actually been functional since the 1966 Shelby GT350, but they became a hallmark of muscle car design all the same. They're an aesthetic modification perfect for any fan of the Shelby look, no matter what type of Mustang you're rocking.

Window Louvres

If you want your modern pony to have as many callbacks to classic 60s and 70s style as possible, you need to add quarter and rear window louvres along with your side scoops. These Mustang mods add stylish sharpness to the sides and back of your car to help you make a big impression whether you're on the track or just cruisin' the town on the day-to-day.

70's Style Ford with Mustang Upgrades

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