Cobra Crank Support Overview



So, you’re making big power or planning to make some with your 03/04 Cobra? Of course, big horsepower will require a bigger blower, smaller supercharger pulleys, and overall leads to a ton more strain on engine components. But what gets double the abuse compared to everything else in the engine assembly?  The Crankshaft


Not only does the crank get some some strain from all that lovely boost in the internal of the motor, the crank snout get a TON of stress from belt and all the accessories it has to support. To add even more stress to the table, you probably have a bunch of idlers and an upgraded tensioner to limit belt slip, right? 


The end result at the end of the day, sooner or later,  is a broken crankshaft snout, which often leads to ruining the entire engine. All of which could’ve been avoided with a Crank Support… 



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So, how does this Crank Support system actually work? 




Essentially, it distributes the load of the crank pulley away from the snout, as well as holding the pulley in the center so it has no way of moving in any direction, decreasing the chance of crankshaft failure. 


The kit uses a mandrel, which bolts to the balancer on the end of the crank snout, which then leads into a bearing, which is then inserted into the Support Bracket. 


The bracket has 4 main points of attachment, in which the hardware runs through  “stand-offs” to perfectly align the bracket off of the car, depending on where it's mounting on the front of the engine. These "stand-offs" have indexes in the bracket, so once tighten down and fully inserted into the gussets, they become locked in place. 






V.2 Features


This is the 2nd Version of this Crank Support. Originally, this was J2Fabrication's CSS Kit, although in order to pursue research in other projects, they have turned this project over to us. As you may know, these have been on the market, tested vigorously, and shown to be a superior product, and with their Version 2, we find it to be pretty much perfected! 


Support Gussets 

To even further the stability of this system, there are two “gussets” that attach themselves to the bottom two stand-offs and bolt onto the oil pan lip for even further added stability and removing any chance of shifting or slipping.



Built-in Auxiliary Idler Pulley 

If you haven’t noticed already, this kit comes supplied with a built-in auxiliary idler pulley for added ease when dealing with pesky belt slip. No more need for additional idlers and tensioners needed to keep the belt in check. 



Threaded Bearing Cap

On the prior version, the main bearing had to be removed along with the entire rest of the assembly. This becomes quite the hassle when you want to change around belts and crank pulley rings. Therefore, with the cap being threaded INSTEAD of the bracket itself, it allows for easiest disassembly and less re-assembly. 




To top it all off, every component in the kit here was designed and built here in the United States, tested through the harshest conditions, and finished with a durable, corrosion-resistent anodizing to ensure longevity under the engine bay of your 2003 or 2004 Cobra. 




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