NOS E.F.I. Nitrous Wet Kit 35-125 HP (ADJUSTABLE)

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Manufacturer: NOS

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NOS E.F.I. Nitrous Wet Kit 35-125 HP (ADJUSTABLE)

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NOS E.F.I. Nitrous Wet Kit 35-125 HP (ADJUSTABLE)

The Ultimate Single Fogger Wet System!

NOS is pleased to anounce it's new PowerFogger 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder PowerFoggerTM wet kits. The latest in NOS's cutting-edge nitrous kits, the 05130NOS, 05131NOS are great for vehicles where an NOS application specific kit is not available. The highest-quality NOS components are utilized for the best-looking, best performing system on the market. Just like other NOS kits, the PowerFoggerTM has been thoroughly dyno-tested on numerous vehicles to ensure that customers get safe, dependable results on any vehicle they decide to "squeeze."


  • Exclusive NOS "Soft-Plume" Fogger nozzle producing the finest and safest fuel/nitrous mixture.
  • NOS 10-pound blue bottle w/ brackets & high flow bottle valve.
  • Industry-leading instruction manual.
  • 75-100-125 Horsepower jetting for 8 cylinder kit.
  • Micro switch, safety relays and all other components for a simple installation.

  • System Requirements

    The stock fuel pump should be adequate, but it should be capable of meeting NEW pump specs. If unsure, replace. Use only premium grade pump gasoline (92+ octane) or unleaded racing fuel. In many instances, a high-output ignition system and a free-flowing exhaust system may benefit performance. WARNING: DO NOT use aftermarket chips or other devices that advance ignition timing, as detonation may occur.

    NOTE:Actual performance gains will vary depending on the engine's condition and configuration. The system can be used on an engine with stock rods, pistons and crankshaft. However, at power levels of 140 and above, it is recommended that heavy-duty forged components be used.

    Recommended Optional Accessories:

  • N2O Gauge
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge
  • Bottle Heater
  • Progressive Nitrous Controller
  • Purge Valve
  • Manufacturer NOS

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