Project Goldmember: 2018 Mustang GT with a Whipple Supercharger & more!


Project Goldmember: Our 2018 Mustang GT


When the 2018 Mustang GT was teased, we knew we had to get our hands on one with the all new 10r80 10-speed auto. We have always had manual cars and gone fast with them, but it was time to change it up.


Check out the progress chart below of our 2018 Mustang GT, including dyno numbers & track times.


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The car is always dyno'd at Power By The Hour Performance in West Palm Beach, FL and is always driven at the track by none other than Goldmember himself, aka Jared Rosen. 



Recently we installed a Gen 5 3.0L Whipple Supercharger on our 2018 Mustang GT and had Lund Racing tune it for E85. While we were unable to get any dyno numbers for that setup, we did get to the track where Jared clicked off a 9.79 @ 144, his first 9-second pass ever. Bam. However, we weren't finished. We took the car back to Power By The Hour Performance in West Palm Beach, FL where we added a few new power mods... 


First up was the Whipple 10-rib setup. The factory pulleys are a 6-rib configuration and while that is plenty for the factory pulley setup on the kit, if you want to go for more boost with a smaller pulley you leave yourself open to belt slip. With the 10-rib upgrade you get more belt traction and less to no slip. We opted for the 20% ATI balancer and a 3.75" upper, netting us about 18psi (previously about 12psi). 


Since we added boost & power, we needed the fuel to support it. We installed a set of ID-1300x injectors and fabbed up the new Lethal Performance / divisionX triple pump return style fuel system. The system uses 3 Walbro 465lph pumps housed in a divisionX fuel hat and feeds the motor through Fragola pre-assembled PTFE fuel hose and a dual Aeromotive regulator setup.

All tuned by the awesome guys at Lund Racing.



Update 4/15/19: We recently got some new goodies installed on our 2018 Mustang GT by the awesome guys over at Power By The Hour Performance. While we were SUPER stoked to be in the low 9s before, Jared is ready for an 8.xx and there were a couple of issues to be addressed!

The 10r80 is a finicky one and didn't seem to be too pleased with the 3.55 gears so we stepped over to a 3.15 gear ratio to try and please it. We're thinking it's a good move. 

That's not the only driveline mods we had done. We also got our new Circle D converter installed and the McLeod 10r80 steel and friction kit to strengthen it up.

\We also installed our Baer Drag Race Brake Kit with the custom logos. Not only does it look awesome, but we saved some serious weight! 



Update 6/21/19: We installed Whipple's new 150mm Cobra Jet cold air intake paired to the 132mm throttle body for a little bit more power. We also installed a PNR trunk mounted ice tank to keep the temps down in our Florida blazing heat! Then we took the car out to the track to see if we could grab that 8-second timeslip. We had some belt slippage during the runs (about a 2psi boost loss, which we're hoping to fix by ordering a GripTec pulley) but we are STOKED with the results.




Update 1/21/20: NEW BEST TIME! We took advantage of some nice cool weather (for a change) here in South Florida and headed over to Palm Beach International Raceway to see if the couple of new changes (Griptec pulley, Cobra Jet Tensioner Plate & BMR tubular supports) made a difference. It seems they did!  Jared's first pass off of the trailer was a SUCCESS, running a new best of 8.64 @ 157 mph!! 



We backed it up multiple times and were very happy with the results. On top of that, Jared cut CONSISTENT (3 runs in a row) 1.27 60' times. The BMR/Lethal Bread & Butter package was putting in work. Check out the video below:



Here's the full mod list:

Lund Racing Custom E85 Tune via nGauge

Whipple Superchargers 3.0L (with 132mm TB)

GripTec 10-rib 3.50" upper pulley

Whipple Cobra Jet Tensioner Plate Upgrade Kit

Whipple Cobra Jet 150mm Cold Air Intake

Whipple 132mm Throttle Body

Whipple 10-rib setup with ATI 20% balancer

Kooks longtube headers & offroad midpipes

Lethal Performance Resonator Delete

Lethal Performance Race Axleback

Lethal Performance Return Style Fuel System

Injector Dynamics ID1300 injectors

PNR Welding Trunk Mounted Ice Tank Intercooler Reservoir

UPR Products Catch Can

Boundary Oil Pump Gears & Crank Sprocket

Driveshaft Shop Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

Circle D 10r80 Converter

McLeod 10r80 Steel & Friction Kit

Driveshaft Shop 2000hp axles

BMR Suspension/Lethal Performance Bread & Butter Suspension Package

BMR Suspension Front Bumper Support

BMR Suspension Rear Bumper Support

BMR Suspension driveshaft loop

BMR Suspension lowering springs

Racestar Recluse Wheels (18x5 and 17x10.5)

M&H Fronts (185/50/18)

Mickey Thompson ET Street R (305/45/17)

Cervinis 4" Cowl Hood

Lethal Performance upper & lower grille delete w/ mesh