Tech Tips: Boundary Engineering Oil Pump Gears & Crank Sprocket

Tech Tips: Boundary Engineering Oil Pump Gears & Crank Sprocket

We've all seen pics online, heard the horror stories or have even had it happen to us: engine failure.

It's not fun... it's not pretty... and it can get expensive! When you're upgrading your 5.0L Coyote (or other Ford mod motor), whether it be with a supercharger or turbo setup or just an all out N/A build that will rev to the moon, one of the key concerns you should address is the oil pump gears and crank sprocket.

BUT WHY? Let's get into it.


Check out the video & Jared will go over when and why the OEM parts fail and explain more about the Boundary replacements.



Why should I replace my factory oil pump gears? 


The stock OPGs are made from a weaker, more brittle powdered metal and when you add hp or increase the rev limits they are prone to breakage (see image below).


Broken OEM oil pump gears


When they fail it can be catastrophic if not caught immediately, even leading to engine failure. Basically, when they fail your engine will no longer be fed oil (which is an important piece of the puzzle!)

When we did the Whipple supercharger install on our 2018 Mustang GT we upgraded to the Boundary setup. Since we took the OEM ones out, we decided to perform the "drop test" on them... which they failed. Jared dropped them on the ground and they broke. *womp womp*


Drop test with the OEM gears.


Why should I upgrade my crank sprocket?


Like the oil pump gears, the OEM crank timing sprocket is made of a similar powdered metal material and when broken can lead to engine failure as well causing the heads, valves and valve train components to be damaged. The crank sprocket is part of the timing chain assembly which, when it goes wrong, can go VERY wrong.


Broken crank sprocket


If you look at an OEM crank sprocket, the keyway groove is also lined up with a deep groove cut into the teeth side of the sprocket, which makes for a real thin area of material at the keyway creating a weak spot.


When should I consider upgrading?


A good time to consider upgrading the oil pump gears and crank sprocket is when you add cams or a manifold that increase the rev limits OR if you will be making around 600rwhp or more.  If you already have the engine out for something else, that would also be a great time to put some billet gears & sprocket in.


Why Boundary? 


Boundary oil pump gears and crank sprocket are made from cut & heat treated American 4340 chromoly billet steel, making them some of the strongest pieces on the market. 



Boundary also offers a lifetime warranty. They’ve never seen one break and will replace them for free if they do.

The Boundary OPG+CS combo price is just $298 shipped, a small price to pay for security & peace of mind.


Click here to purchase the combo for your 2011-2014 5.0L.

Click here to purchase the combo for your 2015+ 5.0L.



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