Whipple 15+ Shelby GT350 Gen 3 W175FF (2.9L) SC "Tuner" Kit / Intercooled / 10-11psi / Black


Manufacturer: Whipple

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Whipple 15+ Shelby GT350 Gen 3 W175FF (2.9L) SC "Tuner" Kit / Intercooled / 10-11psi / Black

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The all new Gen 3 Superchargers are now standard on all Whipple Ford supercharger kits.

What is the Gen 3 supercharger? It's Whipple's newest rotor technology which has already proven itself both on the dyno and track as a great improvement over the previous Gen 2 design.The Gen 3 supercharger not only utilizes new rotor technology but a newly designed supercharger housing/case. The Gen 3 design benefits from the 3/5 rotor setup with tighter tolerances making it more efficient. In addition to that the port on the housing has been revised and now allows for increased rotor filling and decreased turbulence, resulting in increased overall supercharger efficiency

What are the benefits of the Gen 3 supercharger?
- Adds up to 30-150 hp/tq at the same boost level
- 10-80*F cooler temps
- New Whipple Crusher SC Housing for increased volumetric efficiency

Tuner kits DO NOT include tuning or fuel system components.

Now available exclusively from Lethal Performance is the Shelby GT350 Whipple 2.9L supercharger! This is the same blower we are using on our 2016 Shelby GT350 that made 850 rwhp on the stock engine (race fuel required). These kits are available with many options but have several badass parts, standard.

Kits include:
  • Whipple 2.9L front feed compressor
  • 132mm high flow throttle body
  • OEM style cast lower manifold
  • High flow intercooler
  • High flow intercooler pump
  • High capacity, oversized heat exchanger
  • Cold air kit
  • Drive belt and pullies (3.75" supercharger pulley)
  • K Member spacer kit (REQUIRED to fit the supercharger under the OEM hood)
  • Manufacturer Whipple
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