Whipple 07-2014 GT500 3.4L Crusher Inlet Upgrade Kit (Black)


Manufacturer: Whipple

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Whipple 07-2014 GT500 3.4L Crusher Inlet Upgrade Kit (Black)

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Whipple 07-2014 GT500 3.4L Crusher Inlet Upgrade Kit (Black)


Everyone knows the more air a supercharger can breath the more power it's capable of making. That's why our good friends at Whipple took a closer look into their current intake plenum for the 3.4L GT500 kit and decided it's time to make it better. The standard plenum, though more than adequate for most, still poses a restriction in the higher boost range. It was the same way for the 03-04 Cobra 3.4L blowers until the crusher for that model was introduced. Once the massive higher flowing Crusher intake was made new records were broken and higher HP levels were acheived. It was what made the 3.4L stand even higher against the competition and took things to the next level.

With that said we asked Dustin@Whipple to make the Crusher inlet for the GT500. The idea behind it was to make the inlet as big as possible. Allow it to use the huge Whipple monoblade TB as well as their massive 123mm Intake system. The combination of those things would create the ultimate supercharger kit. You can expect big HP and TQ gains as well as lower intake air temperatures which is benefitial to efficiency of the supercharger and how your car performs.

The new crusher inlet is a direct replacement for the stock inlet and simply bolts to the blower like the stock plenum does. It locates the throttle body and intake in the same position as it did before so you can use your current throttle body and intake system. This is the same intake system which we'll be running on the Lethal 2011-2012 GT500. We're confident that this system will prove itself to be the dominent supercharger option available for the 07-2014 GT500.


The Crusher Inlet upgrade includes:

  • Crusher inlet
  • EGR extension block
  • New bypass valve
  • EGR tube
  • Offered in Black or Polished



Manufacturer Whipple

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