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Whipple 03-04 Cobra Crusher W210AX (3.4L) SC "Upgrade" Kit / 25-26psi / Black **Includes 170mm Mono Blade TB & 123mm Slot Style MAF CAI**


Manufacturer: Whipple

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Whipple 03-04 Cobra Crusher W210AX (3.4L) SC "Upgrade" Kit / 25-26psi / Black     **Includes 170mm Mono Blade TB & 123mm Slot Style MAF CAI**

*image is only a representation and may not be accurate

Whipple 03-04 Cobra 3.4L W210ax w/Crusher Inlet Package (Black)

Looking to make the baddest twin-screw for the 03-04 Cobra ever even more insane? Well now you can with the all new Whipple 3.4L Crusher Inlet Upgrade Package. A lot of time and development went into this kit. It's purpose to to allow the 3.4L blower to breath the way it should without any restrictions. The more air the blower can flow the more efficient it is and the more power it's capable of making. Up until now the 3.4L was equipped with an inlet system that utilized a 100mm throttle body. In addition to the 100mm TB the largest MAF housing we've seen being used on the 3.4L was a 110mm. That combo was enough to help J.R. Lewis propel his 04 Cobra to a 8.72@154mph which is the current record holder for a boost only twin-screw 03-04 Cobra.

Although those are some amazing track times we all knew there was more in the 3.4L than we were seeing. The limiting factor was the inlet. We needed something bigger. Something that flowed more air. The answer is the Crusher Inlet and the massive 160mm Supermono Blade TB. Not only are the inlet and throttle body the backbone off the crusher inlet system but it's accompanied by an air intake system and MAF housing never seen before in the 03-04 Cobra community. A huge 123mm MAF housing, 5" Inlet tube, 123mm Venturi and 9" True Flow S&B filter is the icing on the cake. All of these components together create the ultimate supercharger kit. Testing of the crusher inlet on J.R.'s car showed a solid 50+rwhp increase over the already modified inlet on the first pull. The best part is that the power doesn't drop off like it did before with the old inlet system.. On JR's previous setup his car would start falling off at 6400rpms. With the Crusher Inlet Upgrade JR's car now showed gains of 120rwhp from 6300rpms all the way up to 7100rpms over what it used to be. So as you can see if you're looking for the most performance out of the 3.4L Whipple the Crusher Inlet is the answer to previous inlet/intake issues.

The Crusher Inlet is exclusively available right now only through Lethal Performance.

Parts included with the Crusher Inlet Package:
(1) Cobra Crusher Rear Inlet (Blackl)
(1) 160mm Supermono blade TB (Black)
(1) 123mm Round MAF (equal to 165mm oval) (for slot style maf such as HCX and Shelby)
(1) 123mm Billet Venturi
(1) 9” True flow S&B filter
(2) 5” Silicone hoses
(1) 123mm Plastic Inlet Tube

NOTE: The GT500 Slot Style MAF Sensor is not included in this kit. They can be purchased directly from us in the MAF section under 03-04 Cobra.

GEN II ROTORS NOW SHIPPING AT LETHAL PERFORMANCE- The all new Gen II rotors are now shipping in every W140ax and W210ax supercharger kit shipped from Lethal Performance. The Gen II rotor is a more efficient rotor design which simply flows more air then the previous rotor design. This means that it takes less RPM's to make the same amount of boost as before. The results of this new Gen II rotor design also means lower IAT temps and more power. Testing of the Gen II rotor design showed anywhere from 1.5-2psi more boost at the same pulley ratio as the older rotor profile. As if the Whipple Supercharger wasn't the most efficient twin screw already it just took a major step ahead of the competition with it's newest and most efficient design. If you have any questions regarding the new Gen II Whipple Supercharger please feel free to give us a call as we'll be glad to assist you.

Soon to be released is the baddest Supercharger ever made for the 03-04 Cobra! Whipple Superchagers who rocked the 03-04 Cobra market with the W140ax Supercharger Kit is now about to release the 3.4L W210ax Supercharger Kit. Be sure that this kit will outperform he rest as it has all the amazing features as the W140ax kit but on a MUCH larger scale! The kit will still be a direct replacement for thr Eaton utilizing the stock intercooler. There will need to be minor modification to the underside of the hood for proper fitment. In addition this kit will not work with the stock fuel rails. An aftermarket set of rails will need to be run however there is plenty of clearance to run most rails without any issues..

Here are some of the features of the new W210ax Supercharger Kit:


  • Direct bolt on replacement.

  • More power, cooler charge temp, less power consumption/parasitic loss than stock Eaton roots-type.

  • 210ci vs. 118ci for more power potential.

  • Up to 95% efficiency.

  • Boost range 12 - 30 psi.

  • Internally lubricated. No tapping holes in pan required.

  • Factory fit and finish.

  • Available polished or black satin.


NOTE: Not included in this kit is the slot style MAF sensor or the pigtail needed to adapt your 99-04 style connector to the new slot style MAF. Those need to be purchased separately.


Manufacturer Whipple

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  • SVT Cobra 2003,2004

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