VMP Tuning HPX 05+ Slot Style MAF Sensor


Manufacturer: VMP Tuning

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VMP Tuning HPX 05+ Slot Style MAF Sensor

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The VMP brand HPX MAF sensor will support 600+RWHP in a 3" tube. Some other sensors will peg at 400-500RWHP when used in a 3in tube. Our sensor is recommended for high horsepower blow through applications. This is an 05+ Ford slot style MAF. This is a direct bolt in for 05+ Fords, older cars will require a flange and pigtail. Pigtails and adapter harnesses can be found here

In larger housings this MAF sensor will support even more power. If more range is needed, an extender type device can be used.

Tube Size Est. HP range with HPX sensor
3" 300-750RWHP
3.5" 750-900RWHP
4" 1000+RWHP
4.5" 1000+RWHP

We run the HPX MAF sensor in our 800+RWHP TVS Shelby GT500 to prevent the MAF sensor from pegging with certain CAI kits and MAF housings.

We recommend this MAF sensor for cars that are pegging the stock sensor in suck-through (Vortech kits above 10psi), or cars that are pegging the stock sensor in blow-through even with an extender type device (ie MAFIA), such as Procharger kits.

Tuning for this sensor is very easy, we can supply a MAF transfer function (or use BA5000 value files) just let us know what vehicle you are using it on or what units you need it in.

This sensor can be used on any vehicle or computer system that requires a 0-5v input, there is also a resistance based temperature sensor built into the MAF that can optionally be used or left disconnected. Click here for a wiring diagram for the 05+ slot style Ford MAF.

Manufacturer VMP Tuning

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