VMP Shelby GT500 2.50" Stock Look Pulley & 90mm Idler (Fits Stock Eaton and All TVS)


Manufacturer: VMP Tuning

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VMP Shelby GT500 2.50" Stock Look Pulley & 90mm Idler (Fits Stock Eaton and All TVS)

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VMP Shelby GT500 2.50" Stock Look Pulley & 90mm Idler

VMP's "stock look" pulley has been redesigned down to 2.50" (from 2.65"). Our new pulley groove technology allows us to cut the "V" grooves with no special tooling, while making our pulleys smaller AND stronger than ever. The new pulley has the same strength and cross sectional area as our old 2.65" pulley, but is 60 thou smaller in diameter for 400 more blower RPM.

For the ultimate stealth look, includes a black 90MM idler pulley that replaces the factory 75MM idler. This larger idler takes up the belt slack and provides better belt wrap. In our experience, an auxiliary idler bracket and pulley is not necessary, but can still be used with our pulley. Our idler uses a bearing that is the same brand & size as the OE bearing, we have found that a single bearing is sufficient when a proper quality of bearing is used.


  • Looks like a stock pulley, but is 2.50" instead of 3"
  • 3-4psi increase in boost
  • Coated black like the stock pulley
  • Fits Stock blower and Ford Racing TVS Blower Upgrade Kit M-6066-SGT
  • Fits the 605HP Super Snake

  • VMP is the first to offer an aftermarket GT500 pulley made to OEM specifications
  • One piece steel design for the ultimate in strength and durability
  • The bore of our pulley is precision machined, just like OEM pulleys, for a precise stock-like press fit
  • The dealer will never notice when you take the car in for regular maintenance 
Manufacturer VMP Tuning

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