VMP Mustang 5.0L Supercharger Pulley for 2.3L Roush TVS (6 Rib)


Manufacturer: VMP Tuning

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VMP Mustang 5.0L Supercharger Pulley for 2.3L Roush TVS (6 Rib)

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More boost for your 5.0L Mustang or F150 with a Roush or VMP TVS supercharger!

VMP offers a complete line of supercharger pulleys to boost your 5.0 from 8psi to 16psi+.

All VMP and Roush 5.0L TVS blowers take a bolt-on style pulley. The black roush hubs allows for a minimum of a 69mm pulley. The stainless VMP hub and extra snout machining allow for a 63mm pulley.

Original Roush Phase 1 Mustang kits made in 2011 came with a 90mm pulley and 82.5" belt (K060825). Later phase 1 kits came with an 85mm pulley and 81.5" belt (K060815). The 81.5" belt will work well with 85-72mm pullies. The 82.5" belt is only recommended for 82mm and 85mm pullies. Roush phase 2 and phase 3 kits utilize an 80mm pulley with an 81.5" belt.

We recommend a VMP 90mm or 100mm idler pulley when you get into the smaller pulley sizes. The 69mm pulley is on the edge of what a 6-rib belt can support, so we recommend an 81" belt and a 100mm idler. We do not recommend HD green belts, black gates belts work best. For consistent use of 69mm and smaller pulleys on a 2.3L TVS see our upcoming 8-rib conversion.

The TI-VCT timing in your tune will effect boost. Roush tunes tend to run conservative timing that raises boost. VMP tunes run the cams wide open for maximum airflow/HP and the lowest boost possible. Factory cats will raise boost 1-2psi.

Open element CAI boost levels (Roush CAI, JLT CAI, and F150 standard intake):
  • 85mm pulley 9-10psi
  • 82mm pulley 10-11psi
  • 79mm pulley 11-12psi
  • 75mm pulley 12-13psi
  • 72mm pulley 14-15psi
  • 69mm pulley 15-16psi

  • *Enclosed airbox boost levels will be 1-2psi lower up until 75mm pulley where they will begin to cap around 12.5psi max, going smaller still adds more TQ.

    Recommended Fuel Upgrades with boost
  • Roush SC kits and VMP stage 1 & 2 kits are supplied with 47lb injectors.
  • We do not recommend going smaller than 79mm with an airbox or 82mm with an open CAI.

  • The only reason Roush phase 3 kits can run an 80mm pulley with an open CAI is because the Roush calibration limits them to 7100rpm. VMP's performance oriented calibrations run a higher rev limiter for better track performance. Fuel demands are highest at 7000-7500rpm where there is very little time to inject the fuel.

    For 79mm pulleys and below we recommend a larger fuel injector. Below 75mm a fuel pump booster like the JMS Plug and Play unit is a good idea as well for consistent fuel pressure.

    *These pulleys also fit the new VMP 1.9L TVS for 05-10 4.6l 3v

    It's recommended to use the VMP pulley removal and install tool to replace the superchager pulley on the Roush TVS.

    Manufacturer VMP Tuning

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