Vi-King Performance 2015-2018 Mustang "Crusader" Double Adjustable Shock - Cruise Valving (Stock - 2" Lowered)


Manufacturer: Vi-King Performance

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Vi-King Performance 2015-2018 Mustang "Crusader" Double Adjustable Shock - Cruise Valving (Stock - 2" Lowered)

*image is only a representation and may not be accurate
* Shocks are double adjustable allowing the user to independently adjust compression and rebound.
* Shocks utilize patent-pending technology.
* Shocks have standard digressive compression valving and progressive rebound valving, which allows for higher compression forces at low shaft speeds and increasing rebound forces as shaft speeds increase.
* The rebound valving is controlled via a needle and seat. There are many possible needle and seat combinations providing for a very soft setting to extreme forces. If required, the needle and seat combination can be changed out without completely disassembling the shock absorber. The process is similar to jetting a carburetor.
* The rebound can be valved with a huge rebound adjustment range or a smaller range with very finite adjustments.
* The rebound forces are unlimited, providing for extreme forces when required, such as in drag racing, dirt late models, road racing, and other applications. For example, while all rear shocks on a drag car can benefit from this valving, vehicles with 600 hp or more will see a huge benefit since they require a firmer rebound valving than most conventional shocks can attain.
* 19 positions of compression adjustment and 22 positions of rebound adjustment for a total of 418 different valving combinations.
* Shocks can be rebuilt or revalved by the Viking factory or any authorized rebuilder.
Manufacturer Vi-King Performance
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