UPR 79-04 Mustang Extreme Adjustable Shifter Handle


Manufacturer: UPR

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UPR 79-04 Mustang Extreme Adjustable Shifter Handle

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UPR 79-04 Mustang Extreme Adjustable Shifter Handle

UPR's brand new T-7075 EXTREME shifter handle kit is fully adjustable in height and angle to make it the best handle ever.

The UPR EXTREME shifter handle kit combines the quick shifts of a short shifter handle with an easy to reach, design. UPR's three axis bend positions your hand exactly right, for the shortest, most precise and clean shifts. (You don't have to bend over to reach 3rd or 5th gear like you have to do with every other handle!)

Image here displays both the raised position and the lowered position. The approximate height difference when raised is 2" When in the lowered position it is the shortest available.

Another UPR Exclusive feature is that our new Extreme stick stud can be rotated 360 degrees to give you whatever feel you are looking for. Now no one else's shifter stick can do that!

The side mounted set screws will always keep your shifter locked in position in any conditions from normal everyday street driving, to the most extreme racing conditions on the open course or in a straight line at all times!

Kit comes complete with rubber insulator washers, lock washers, flat washers, bolts and allen wrench for instant adjustmanets.

Now you can Upgrade your non-adjustable shifters to the real deal from UPRproducts.

Here is a list of non-adjustable shifters that need upgrading:
Steeda, Pro-5.0, Kirban, B&M, Hurst and every other shifter made for a T-5, T-45, T-56. Our shifter handle comes complete with a spacer kit to fit stock or go up to a 7/16 hole size for other brands.

Manufacturer UPR

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