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UPR 2015 Mustang 5.0L Pro Series Adjustable Motor Mounts (Street/Strip)

SKU: UPR-3013-18

Manufacturer: UPR

159.99 $

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UPR 2015 Mustang 5.0L Pro Series Adjustable Motor Mounts (Street/Strip)

*image is only a representation and may not be accurate

The latest Innovation from UPR is our 2015 Mustang Adjustable Motor Mounts that feature both Street and Track Style Energy Suspension Urethane bushings paired with CNC machined 7075 Aircraft Aluminum making them the strongest and most versatile setup on the market. The street urethane bushings are stronger and slightly stiffer than stock for a performance feel without the feel of a race car. Then the Track urethane bushings are the strongest and still work great on the street, but allow you to throw whatever HP or Tires you want at them.

These are a must for the Boss intake or Cobra Jet intake swap and even a few supercharger applications that also need the extra hood clearance and to be able to set the motor lower in your chassis. A big plus when lowering your engine is the fact that it will reduce body roll and improve cornering. These mounts will also reduce engine twist and help your 2015 shift smoother at higher RPM and HP levels.

These mounts are also adjustable in 1/4" increments from stock engine height to 3/4" drop for additional hood clearance when using aftermarket Superchargers.

7075 Aluminum is more than double tensile strength of 6061 aluminum used by other manufacturers for their motor mounts.

» Satin Finish
» 7075 Billet Aluminum Construction
» Energy Suspension Urethane Bushings
» Adjustable from stock to 3/4" Drop from stock
» Lowering engine allows for more hood clearance for Boss 302 or Cobra Jet Intakes
Manufacturer UPR

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