Turbo XS High Perfomance Boost Controller


Manufacturer: Turbo XS

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Turbo XS High Perfomance Boost Controller

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Turbo XS High Perfomance Boost Controller

Adjustable ball/spring design gets you to full boost hundreds of RPM faster than stock! This kit is for the serious racer looking for the maximum performance.

The most effective way to generate more power from your turbocharged vehicle is to increase the boost pressure with TurboXS high-performance boost controllers (HPBC). These units use a unique adjustable ball-and-spring mechanism to keep pressure out of the wastegate until the preset boost level is reached. This significantly reduces wastegate creep and provides quicker turbo spool-up. Overall, they provide a quick and cost-effective method of controlling your boost pressure and increasing power. They will get to full boost up to 800 rpm quicker than stock, and will increase boost over stock by up to 30 psi.
Manufacturer Turbo XS

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  • SVT Cobra 2003,2004