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Tokico Mustang D-Spec Adj. Shock and Strut Kit (Front and Rear)


Manufacturer: Tokico

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Tokico Mustang D-Spec Adj. Shock and Strut Kit (Front and Rear)

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Tokico 07-09 GT500 D-Spec Adj. Shock and Strut Kit (Front and Rear)

New!! Tokico's new D-Spec adjustable struts and shocks are now available for the 2005+ Mustang including the GT500.

The D-Spec (damping specific) series of dampers has an extra wide range of adjustment, far surpassing the range of the Illumina series. This wide range makes the D-Spec suitable for street-driven cars, autocrossing, drag racing, and road racing.

The D-Spec has the capability to be such a multi-use product by virtue of its sophisticated piston and valving design. The D-Spec has a unique variable-aperture bypass that is controlled by a single adjustment knob.

The adjustment changes both rebound and compression damping simultaneously. The D-Spec is infinitely adjustable between the full-stiff and full-soft positions, through seven full turns of the adjusting knob.

The D-Spec dampers are only sold in full sets of two struts and two shocks. Each set includes a manual offering pointers about how to adjust the dampers.

Manufacturer Tokico

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