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The Grit Guard Insert

SKU: GG-1010BL

Manufacturer: Grit Guard

9.99 $

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The Grit Guard Insert

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Quite possibly the best investment you can make for your car washing experience.  The grit guard is a highly durable bucket insert that will fit in any standard 5 gallon bucket that has a 12" diameter.  The grids help eliminate grime off of your wash mitt by agitating the dirt and contaminants off of the mitt.  This makes the Grit Guard so valuable because you're eliminating the risk of those contaminants getting put back onto your paint.  No more washing induced swirl marks, or scratches!  Adding the Grit Guard to your car cleaning arsenal will potentially save you hundreds of dollars that would be spent on removing those swirls.    

Lethal Tip: You can also use the Grit Guard to clean your brushes, and miscellaneous applicators.  You wouldn't want those contaminants scratching other parts of your car like your wheels now, would you?

Manufacturer Grit Guard

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