Stifflers 99-04 F150 Harley Davidson Chassis Stiffening System


Manufacturer: Stifflers Products

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Stifflers 99-04 F150 Harley Davidson Chassis Stiffening System

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A Stiff Harley is a Happy Harley!

It's a known fact; during acceleration, cornering and braking your chassis will flex and twist. The more power you add or the stiffer the suspension, the worse it becomes. All this movement uses up valuable horsepower, decreases handling characteristics and reduces ride quality. So why spend time and money improving your engine and suspension when it's attached to a flaccid frame? Our brace system bridges the front and rear sections of your frame to significantly increase it's stiffness and reduce the twisting and bending caused by suspension inputs and drivetrain torque. The system is designed for ease of installation, only one hole to drill, all other mounting locations use existing holes.

Comes complete with integrated brackets for optional Driveshaft Safety Loop (LCB-HD02).

So what does this mean for you?
- Straighter launch
- Less wasted horsepower
- More responsive suspension tuning
- Improved handling under cornering and braking
- Better ride quality
- Reduce squeaks and rattles

Go with Stifflers and get the most from your HD!

NOTE: Other manufacturer's long bars can not be used with this system.

Manufacturer Stifflers Products
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