Steeda Interchangeable Pulley Ring 3.10" (Ring Only)

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Manufacturer: Steeda

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Steeda Interchangeable Pulley Ring 3.10" (Ring Only)

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Steeda Interchangeable Pulley Ring 3.10" (Ring Only)

The factory blower pulley includes the hub, and is pressed onto the shaft - which makes quick, trackside changes impossible. The Steeda Interchangeable Pully System (pat. pend.), you replace the factory pully with our precisely machined hub, then attach your choice of pulleys with the allen head set screws provided. Running a larger pulley on the street saves fuel, while the 3.10" bumps the boost for a noticable performance gain.

Consider the time you'll save by installing this system on the following applications:
* 2003-2004 SVT Cobra
* 99-04 SVT Lightning
* 2000-03 Harley

Fits Vehicle Model:
Ford Mustang, F-150
Manufacturer Steeda

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  • SVT Cobra 2003,2004,2003,2004
  • Harley Davidson F150 2002,2003
  • SVT Lightning 1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004