Spec 2010 GT500 P-Trim Super Twin Disc Clutch Kit


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Spec 2010 GT500 P-Trim Super Twin Disc Clutch Kit

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Spec 2010 GT500 P-Trim Super Twin Disc Clutch Kit

The Super Twin is for street and track use in cars with extreme horsepower and torque (700-1500 ft lbs tq). The Super Twin offers near-stock drivability, tremendous life expectancy, a no shimming/setup bolt-in installation and maintenance free operation. With all billet construction, these units are smooth and quiet. The units are rebuild-able by SPEC or the end user and replacement components or rebuild services are always available. The super twin is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum and high carbon billet steel milled to an industry leading .001 inch for perfect balance and actuation. Friction is provided by dampened, full-faced carbon graphite discs. Organic, fiber and full metallic options are available. Flywheel and track-spec hardware are included in each kit. Types of driving: street, drag, drift, road racing, time attack, pulling and rallye.


Usage Key: S = Street, L = Limited Street, D = Drag, DR = Drift, RR = Road Racing/Time Attack, P = Pulling, R = Ralley

Performance Kits
    SS-Trim  P-Trim       ST-Trim       E-Trim    None
Product Number:        SFG5SST      SFG5PT       SFG5ST       SFG5ET  
Torque Capacity:           900      1395       1595       1795  
Usage:          S,D,RR    S,D,DR,RR       S,D,DR       LS,D
Manufacturer Spec
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