Snow Performance Stage 3 Gasoline MPG MAX Upgrade

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Manufacturer: Snow Performance

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Snow Performance Stage 3 Gasoline MPG MAX Upgrade

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Already have a Snow Performance Stage 2 gasoline Boost Cooler but want the newest Stage 3 MPG MAX system? Snow Performance offers you the option to upgrade just the controller and extra hardware to make your Stage 2 system into a fuel-saving MPG MAX Gasoline Stage 3 Boost Cooler. 

The MPG MAX® Stage 3 Boost Cooler® is unmatched for increases in Fuel Economy AND Power. Key to this is accuracy and adjustability designed into the system. This Boost Cooler® can be used on any forced induction engine. 

In the lighter load states, the system injects through a small primary nozzle. This allows it to be extremely accurate when injecting smaller amounts to prevent quench. 

Additionally, the MPG MAX® Has the software and hardware capable to inject the correct amounts under the higher load states for serious increases in power, through a larger secondary nozzle. 

Of course, both stages are fully progressive and completely user-adjustable 

Very easy to set up and dial in - the software creates a 3 dimensional delivery map from just a few easy to set start and full points you punch in. 

The Green LCD Screen displays boost pressure, Injector Pulse width %, as well as water-methanol injection percent. Quick, easy, positive adjustments are made with 2 push buttons. Low profile design allows for easy-to-view and discrete mounting. 

Kit includes: 

  • • Green LCD Screen, Pushbutton Digital Variable 3D Mapping Controller 
  • • 1 Small Nozzle for lighter load state injection 
  • • 2 feet Additional High Pressure Tubing (1200psi burst)
  • • Flow Control Solenoid 
  • • Dual Nozzle upgrade included 
  • • All Required Hardware Needed For Installation 
  • • Comprehensive Instructions

Manufacturer Snow Performance
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