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McLeod Racing is without a doubt our best selling and best performing clutch we offer here at Lethal Performance. We hooked up with McLeod many years ago shortly after they developed the RST / RXT twin disc setups. Since then we've been running their clutches in all of our project cars and recommend them to our customers knowing that it's an awesome product. In addition to that we've also helped McLeod Racing test and develop some of their setups as they knew that we'd put them to the test. The RST/RXT as well as any other of McLeods offerings are geared towards specific types of driving and power ratings so if you're unsure of what clutch to put in your car it's best to contact us and allow us to help you choose the right clutch for your application. Whether you need just a stock replacement clutch or one to help you take a 1200rwhp car down the dragstrip McLeod has what you need.