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  1. Whipple 2010-2014 GT500 Cold Air Intake with 123mm MAF

    Whipple GT500 Cold Air Intake with 123mm MAF

    The Whipple cold air intake is probably the only intake on the market that will ouflow and outperform the stock GT500 intake. Why is that? Because it was built to be able to flow enough air to support superchargers over 1 liter larger than the stock GT500 supercharger. The Whipple intake is what we'll be running on the Lethal 2010 GT500 once we put the new race motor and Whipple on the car. If you are looking to build a monster this intake is a no brainer.

    All new from Whipple Superchargers is by far the largest and highest flowing intake system available for the 2007+ GT500. This is the same intake system that can be purchased with the all new 2.9L Supercharger. It will work on your stock supercharger as well as any of the aftermarket superchargers for the GT500. 


    The Whipple GT500 CAI Intake Includes:

    127mm Inlet Tube

    123MM MAF Housing

    130mm Venturi Tube

    9" S&B High Flow Air Filter

    Heat Shield

    All necessary hardware for installation


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